New York Man Wakes Up to Find Thin Blue Line Flag Vandalized

Tom Gantert

Fred DeLise said someone ripped out his Thin Blue Line Flag.

Staten Island, NY A New York man says he woke up Friday morning and discovered his Thin Blue Line flag had been vandalized overnight.

Fred DeLise told that the flag had been removed from its holder in a tree and thrown to the ground.

"It makes me livid because I'm very American," DeLise said, according to

DeLise flew the thin blue line flag to show support for police.

The Bay Terrace resident is very supportive of the NYPD.

They do a hell of a job, he said.

DeLise said that his home has a four-foot fence surrounding the front yard. The damaged flag, he told, was set back in a tree about 12 feet from the start of a fence.

They violated me by coming onto my property, DeLise said.

He filed a police report for criminal mischief following the incident. DeLise said hes never had any issues living in the neighborhood where he has lived since 1963.

He didnt think he was specifically targeted.

It was an act against the flag, he told And that may not have been the only act of vandalism against police on his property.

DeLise said that he had a blue ribbon outside of his home that he put up to support the NYPD. He said the ribbon was ripped down at some point on Thursday. DeLise wasnt sure if the two incidents were related.

He said after he found the flag, he picked it up and put it against a fence until he could repair it.

"I'm not going to leave an American flag on the ground," he told "I plan to straighten it out and put it out tonight."

Due to the recent uptick in attacks against Thin Blue Line Flags and American Flags, our partners at Warrior 12 have started offering a vandalism warranty on all of their flags.

They will replace any flags purchased from them for free in the event of any vandalism or theft.

Warrior 12 also sells our official Blue Lives Matter Apparel and Gear and gives us all proceeds to support our operations.

No suspects have been identified in the vandalism of DeLise's flag.

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Bastards ! The to get CCTV Fred. I have had my flag so long it faded and just put up a new one. Very proud to fly it !

No. 1-6

That was unfortunate but what happened to him was barely a crime. They vandalized a blue lives flag and now the neighborhood isn't safe? Calm down buddy, there's no need to increase patrols. There are homes and churches that are being burned down in this country due to hatred. Let's focus on that.


We are ALWAYS provoked by our SOA inner community..but we persist! An AMERICAN FLAG is an AMERICAN FLAG!!!! Now both of ours are faded but their strength lives on! Back the Blue!!!!


He starts off calling it Thin Blue Line flag and then halfway through he changes it to an American Flag. Which one is it? The flag in the picture looks like it just needs to be shaken out.


Keep putting it up! Jerks will be caught eventually


Some people will always hate cops, move along its irrelevant.