St. Louis Aldermen Compare Honoring Law Enforcement To White Supremacy

The resolution to thank St. Louis police officers for their actions during the September 15 protest was voted down after one alderman called it a support of white supremacy.

St. Louis, MO - A resolution thanking St. Louis police officers for their work during recent protests and rioting was called a "salute to white supremacy" during an aldermen committee meeting.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen eight person committee voted down the resolution on Tuesday, October 17, after heated discussion, according to Fox2Now.

The resolution was proposed by Alderman Joe Vaccaro and was immediately met with opposition.

Alderwoman Tammika Hubbard said, "Really, we need to get down to doing business and not get caught up in this tit for tat. It does not benefit anyone."

Her comments refer to a recent resolution from Alderman John Collins-Muhammed to honor Anthony Lamar Smith, who was fatally shot by former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley.

That resolution, which was introduced in September, was passed unanimously.

Stockley was charged with Smith's murder but was acquitted after a trial.

The Smith resolution prompted an immediate outcry from law enforcement and others, who said the the city shouldn't give their highest honor to a drug dealer. The committee said that the Smith resolution was passed to honor Smith's mother.

Vaccaro said that he proposed his resolution " light of that, but not because of that. I do believe there are two sides to every coin."

The vote for Vaccaro's resolution was 5-3 and was evenly split between racial lines.

Some committee members said that a resolution to honor police would create a "firestorm."

Collins-Muhammed called both the resolution and Alderman Vaccaro "ignorant". He said “This resolution is 'BS,' and a slap in the face to black progress and a salute to white supremacy!"

In response, Vaccaro said “I honestly believe it is just honoring the hard work of the police department that are out there, that have been injured during the line of duty."

He said that the failure of his proposal was "a punch in the gut for law enforcement officers."

Vaccaro said, “I think the police during all of this have done a pretty good job. I know that some people would disagree on some points. But I also think they’ve shown a lot of restraint considering some of the protesters have thrown things at them."

Collins-Muhammed then offered an alternate resolution, praising all first responders and deleting any mention of police officers. That proposal also failed, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch .

He said, “We have a police department that is corrupt, racially divided, and a police department that has a problem when it comes to interacting with the black community."

Smith's mother later said that the proposed resolution was "very disrespectful" to her family, and claimed that her son was murdered.

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Well, at least now the St. Louis PD openly knows who the real enemy is. It’s out in the open now. Reactive Policing seems to be what the community wants as opposed to Proactive Policing. Stay safe, wear your vest and go home.


StandforUs: I was saying that in addition to being beyond reproach, they should have a marked record of assisting their communities prior to holding office, and they should be required to take an IQ test so we don't wind up with a bunch more Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilsons calling the shots in Washington. It's not even really a race thing, it's a stupid thing. Smart black people aren't really jumping up and down on this topic---but they are suffering from it. They're being attacked and targeted for "being too white" and held back because they don't meet the "black enough" standards because they're unwilling to piss their lives away with a giant chip on their shoulders that no amount of appeasement could ever melt. Sorry, I'm tired of seeing my friends who are willing to try being held back and threatened by family who aren't smart enough to fill out a census card from the '50's.


Just disband the police department and let the problem work itself out. Shouldn't take more than 24 hours.


We must all remember now that all words are racist. It's getting ridiculous.


Collins-Muhammed - perhaps you don't like the police officers because of your past ??? Perhaps because of your own past criminal ways ?? Your own tax delinquencies ?? I think that any person that holds office should be held to a higher standard and have NO criminal history and no outstanding personal tax delinquencies. Oh wait, half of city hall would be empty. You are a piece of scum. I hope you need a police assistance and none are available to assist you. What a shame. You piece of crap.