Son Shoots Carjacker To Save Mother

The carjacker thought that he had targeted a helpless victim.

Cliftondale, GA – A man who attempted to carjack a woman’s vehicle in her own driveway ended up being shot multiple times when the woman screamed and her son ran out and shot the suspect.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Department identified Trystan Delk as the suspected carjacker.

Police said that Delk now faces armed robbery charges.

The woman gave an interview to WAGA-TV but didn’t want to be identified.

She said she was getting into her car on March 15 to take her grandson to a doctor’s appointment and had one foot in her car when she noticed a car was blocking her driveway. The woman said the man got out of his car and rushed her.

She recalled that the man said, “Whose car is this? Give me the keys.”

“I went crazy,” the woman told WAGA. “Because I wasn’t about to give him the keys."

“I started screaming so loud that my son who was inside at the time heard me and came out to help,” the woman said, according to WAGA.

The woman’s son shot his gun three times at Delk and hit him multiple times.

"He still managed to drive himself to a nearby fire station where he tried to play the victim," the woman said. "He told them that he was the victim of an interstate shooting."


​Police figured out that Delk was the carjacker and arrested him.

The victim said another neighbor was targeted a few minutes before she was. She said that neighbor just dropped her keys and ran.

"I hope he don't come back," the woman said. "Because I'll be waiting for him the next time."

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In IL, at least, "the People" would have been looking into whether the shooting was "reasonable" -whether there was fear for life involved... And this poor "keed" was unarmed, OMG! The shooter would've been arrested, just to begin with, even charged. Let's see...: Agg. Battery? Reckless endangerment, or conduct? Discharging a fire-arm "within city limits"? What's your pick?


Not a chance in Hell. Here in the South our motto is,”I’ll give up my gun when you pry my cold dead fingers from around it!” We back the Blue here and they back their law abiding gun packing citizens.


And for you anti-gun activists, this is what happens when you use a gun responsibly!!!!


Good one


This idiot looks like he is well acquainted with prison life. Enjoy.