Some Agencies Cancel Agreements With Popular 'Live PD' Show

Some agencies are dropping participation in “Live PD.”

Several law enforcement agencies are ending their agreements with the A&E show ”Live PD.”

Local government leaders, not in law enforcement, have determined that the TV show made their communities look bad, according to KXLY.

Bridgeport, Connecticut; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Streetsboro, Ohio have all decided to shield the public from seeing their citizens interacting with law enforcement.

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim whined about “Live PD“ recording in a year when Bridgeport's homicide rate has doubled, according to FOX News. "If that's the only thing that's being publicized nationally about our city, it can have a negative impact," he said. "We don't have the Travel Channel doing anything on how wonderful all our economic development projects are."

Streetsboro City Council president John Ruediger wasn't happy with the show either, and suggested that canceling participation was done to protect children.

"I personally thought it portrayed our city in a negative light," Ruediger said, according to FOX News. "I think every city has its share of problems, and I don't think it's always best to highlight those issues. I was personally concerned that any kid featured on the show could end up bullied ... especially if their parent is on the show doing something bad."

However, Jeffersonville, Indiana Assistant Chief Michael McVoy thinks that the show is great.

"For us, it's humanizing the badge, No. 1," he said, according to FOX News. "For every 1,000 positive comments or likes or social media hits or fuzzy, warm feelings we get from across the country, there are always five or 10 that say, 'Hey. Why are you arresting this guy for marijuana possession?' Stuff like that. Some people don't see eye to eye with what we do."

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office says that they will be withdrawing so that they can focus on recruitment, but they intend to start back up later.

Deputy Mark Gregory told KXLY that they haven't seen any bad publicity from the show.

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What a bunch of bullshit! The criminals cry and win again. That show is one of the best shows on TV. It just proves that cops are doing their job, and the citizens can’t make false complaints and claims about police brutality. This country has fallen to the snowflake pansy ass pussies. Thank You Colon Kraperdick and Barack Obama you made this country weak. Fuck all Y’all and ship those illegals back to where they came from. We need to take back our country


If the show is making your city look bad it's because your not doing your job very well to keep it clean.

Ozzy C1
Ozzy C1

Exactly Jpantner.. They can try to cover it up..but the Blue's make a difference..The truth hurts doesn't it city officials.? Bunch of jerks.. Does it mean Oklahoma "Sticks" won't be on the show either.? Very sad...


They just don’t want anyone to see the disaster they have turned their cities into..


I agree with several others, this is the BEST show on television right now. If these cities are pulling out it’s not because the Police Force is making them look bad! Get a clue........!
These men and women LEO’s are doing an outstanding job and it’s upsetting the “snowflakes” in these cities.
I hope “Sticks” remains on the show even though Tulsa has decided to pull out.
Keep up the great work Dan Abrams and everyone else.
“Thank You” to all the men and women serving out on the streets, and don’t give up, we got your back.......!