Soldier Working Florence Relief Returns Home To Find House Looted

Holly Matkin

North Carolina National Guardsman Specialist Luis Ocampo arrived home to find his home had been ransacked.

Charlotte, NC – A North Carolina Army National Guardsman returned home from working Hurricane Florence relief to find his house was burglarized and ransacked.

Specialist Luis Ocampo, 24, who had been working on the North Carolina coast for 10 days, arrived back to the home he shares with his girlfriend, Kailey Finch, and their one-year-old son, WSOC reported.

He walked in to find that a gun, gaming system, laptop, television, jewelry, and specialty coins had been stolen.

The burglars also trashed the home in their search for items of value, and even stole the food from the soldier's refrigerator, according to WHNS.

The family believes the looters broke into their residence through a back window while Finch and her son were away on Thursday night.

“It’s our home,” Finch said. “Knowing that someone watches your home and then breaks in while you’re not there – or even if you’re there...It’s irreplaceable. It’s not something you can get back.”

The family was already living on a tight budget, Finch explained.

“If I was [to] do that to someone, I feel like I would feel really bad afterwards,” she said. “I would be like, I see this family struggling and I just messed up their life even worse.”

She said her heart also breaks for her boyfriend, who tries so hard to be of service to those in need.

"He does a lot for everybody,” Finch told WSOC. “He always wants to make sure that everybody gets help.”

The Army National Guard medic has served for the past six years, according to a fundraising page established to help the family recover.

Supporters quickly rallied around the family, raising nearly $15,000 in a single day.

“Thank you so much to all who have donated, your generosity and willingness to help a soldier in need is simply amazing,” the page read.

The family has regained the confidence that they can “come back from this and rebuild,” and said they would soon close down the fundraising effort, according to the page.

“We do not want to take anyone's generosity for granted. Thank you so much again, may God bless you all,” the page read.

No suspects had been identified as of Sunday morning, WSOC reported.

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North Carolina National Guardsman Specialist Luis Campo ,Charlotte, NC – ...........

......someone who knows best to please start a GoFund Me page.

Latest news- Someone did so and were able to collect $15,000 in just a few days to help this good young man.


This is just so wrong. This fine young man is out there working to save others, while other presumably young people take from him. I'm so glad that others rallied around him. And it also shows character that they are shutting down the fundraising effort sooner rather than later - unlike a certain couple who raised $400,000+ supposedly for a homeless man and then spent it all.


No Insurance ?? We were Military Active Duty 20+ years -- although this is really Crap to happen to a person who was helping others -- they should have been insured and it would all except $250 - $500 been covered -- this go fund me stuff is getting out of hand ~


Perhaps a sip of reality. There are hundreds if not thousands of residential burglaries in the United States every freaking day. Most large police departments don't even respond out any more for them if the burglar is gone. Some really stupid people buy into the BS that the number is declining. No moron, when police don't take a report and other agencies don't bother to report to the FBI then the crimes just aren't counted any more. In CA people arrested for home burglaries are cited and released. It's barely even a crime. EVERY single one of these victims is just as victimized as the poor folks in this story except 99.9 percent won't get a $20,000.00 check to help them out. If you're bothered by this let's do something about it. If not then quit the hankie wringing and get your head back in the sand where it belongs. . .


Someone ask Scumbamma which son did it and where can he find his atuff

Richard Kurtz
Richard Kurtz

Yes it sucks, but he is not alone in this or a special case. Many homes are broken into every single day. Where are the GFM pages for them? This is also a good lesson for him to have insurance.

mighty cat
mighty cat

To you people who posted complaining about this man receiving financial help, just so you know, they have stopped accepting donations. A person cannot help it if there is still SO many good, caring people out there to help out in a time of need. I for one am very proud of all the people who go above & beyond to help this young man out! He is a young soldier serving his country!