So this guy who wrote this article does not know what he is talking about! His story was real touching about not killing young kids and his heart was in the wrong place!!!

Did three tours in Iraq 2003,2004,2005! My time there I learned a few things one most important! Kids in Iraq know where and when IEDs are going to be set off! Most of Iraq people when they saw us ran and we know and IED was near! No one stayed around after one went off unless they where gathering info for the enemy! Kids where the smartest they know to stay out of out way and to stay away after an IED went off! This author's poor knowledge of the people is a big problem!

So glad that kids pulled one over on you and the Army and give information back to the people who killed Americans! Now we have an author highlighting it! Also the author went out with a platoon of LAV so at anything happen there where 15+ people to fight! So ask most local LEO how many they have to back them up at one call?

My guess is two if your really luck and have a large department. If not it's you and only you! So how many missions did our author do by himself or with one other person? My guess is none and would have never done his tour if he was told of this! Weapons and protection! Yes most LEO wear vest and carry a pistol the authors protection at the lowest was a 9mm pistol up to a cannon with 15+people going out to one call! That 9mm was a last ditch weapon when there heavy weapons ran out!

Yet police officer go into issues everyday with only that pistol on there hip! They don't have 14+ others behind them or a 25mm cannon as there back up they have that pistol! I'd love to carry my rifle to every call but people find that to much!

Also like to know what this police expect real job was working for Mayberry or in a place where crime happens? How much did he see? Many other questions! Just because your LEO does not mean that you know what it's like to be law enforcement in areas of high crime! I have seen officers who have in there 20+ years never done a DUI or DWI! Also my experience as law enforcement my high crime was a Indian reservation 2011-2015!

Your getting this from both sides! Marine 2002-2006 1/5 Alpha company infantry unite and police officer from 2008- current!