Smallville Actress Criminally Charged For Leading Sex Cult


Actress Allison Mack was allegedly a cult master who recruited sex slaves for cult leader Keith Raniere

Albany, NY - Smallville actress Allison Mack is accused of recruiting sex slaves that she directed toward a cult leader under the guise of a female self-help group.

The Hollywood Reporter reported Mack and NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere were charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

The indictment states that Mack, 35, recruited women to join what was said to be a female mentorship program that was created and led by Raniere. However, the people who joined were exploited sexually and for their labor for the benefit of Raniere and Mack.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office stated that Raniere started a series of purported self-help groups over the past two decades under the name NXIVM. There were based out of Albany, New York with centers in the United States, Mexico, Canada and South America, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Mack and other “cult masters” recruited slaves by telling them they were joining a women-only organization that would empower them. Police called it a pyramid scheme.

Yahoo News reported that within NXIVM, there was a secret sorority known as “Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions.” It was also called DOS. Mack was allegedly a DOS Master who recruited slaves and then urged them to have sex with Raniere, who was known as “Vanguard.”

In court, an attorney representing Mack entered a plea of not guilty on her behalf. The judge ordered that Mack be detained, Yahoo Entertainment reported.

Yahoo News reported that Mack has mentioned Raniere frequently on social media.

In 2013, Mack tweeted, “Listening to Keith Raniere explore thoughts on media, love and humanity. Mind is blown. I am so inspired.”

JeniPeni @jenipeni2005 responded to that 2013 tweet with a meme of “You’re brainwashed.”

Mike Sandman Sanders @Thesandmanrox responded to Mack’s tweet with “pimptress …”

Mack was a regular on the TV show Smallville and played character Chloe Sullivan.

Mack’s last acting job was in the Amazon original show Lost in Oz where she was the voice of Evelyn Gale.

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  1. it's not that interesting of a story, and 2. the initial story broke almost a year ago.