Sleeping Dispatcher Recorded Snoring On 911 Calls Two Days In A Row

A Cleveland dispatcher was caught napping on duty two days in a row.

Cleveland, OH – A Cleveland 911 operator has been suspended after being caught sleeping on the job twice in two days.

Cleveland police said that one of dispatcher JaTilya Troupe’s naps lasted 29 minutes, and was recorded, WJW-TV reported.

WJW reported that on the first occasion, Troupe answered a 911 call but there was no one on the line. Less than 20 seconds later, heavy breathing can be heard, and then eventually, snoring.

The phone line stayed open for nearly half an hour while the dispatcher slept, WJW reported.

Then Troupe woke up and said, “Hello? Hello?” into her recorded line before she realized no one was there.

The very next day, the dispatcher fell asleep on the job again.

But her second nap only lasted five minutes before it was interrupted by a supervisor, who woke her up by saying “Hey, you’re on a call.”

“My thing’s not beeping in my ear,” Troupe told her boss on the recorded line.

"You were knocked out. So you gotta be careful of that. Have to turn the volume up. Showed you were on a call for five minutes. So be aware of it,” he replied.

Records showed no one was on the other end of the line during the two calls when Troupe was sleeping, according to WJW.

Police union president Jeff Follmer told WJW there was no excuse for sleeping on the job; however, he said more staffing in the dispatch center would help.

Follmer said that dispatchers were often forced to stay and work overtime shifts, and that some worked as many as 60 hours a week at the call center.

Troupe received a six-day suspension for sleeping while working, and pled guilty to internal charges, according to WJW.

Last year, another Cleveland police dispatcher was caught sleeping on the job. Dispatcher Jasmine Thomas was also suspended for six days for sleeping while working.

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JaTilya. Say no more.


Hmm, lots of folks work overtime. Sounds to me like maybe burning the candle at both ends. With such an important position maybe they need to hire a better caliber of people. Just saying....


911 operators are the unsung heros of public safety. They are overworked and unappreciated. But this is one person that needs to go back to McDonald's before she gets someone killed.


It's pathetic that @AndrewBlake had to tack on the energy drink sales pitch at the end of what is supposed to be journalism. Very disappointing.


No excuse. None. But...was she mandatoried to stay? How many days straight had she been working? Where was the supervisor on the 29 minute nap? How did no one else notice? We have to do everything possible to stay awake and alert, but when you're ordered to work 16 hours, then come back 8 hours IS hard on the body. 16 hours, go home..takes an hour to go to sleep..then wake up an hour before to go to work. That's 6 hours of down time. (& that's not including time needed for family!)