Six Armed Shoppers Stop Shoplifters By Shooting Out Tires

Police have asked the six armed customers who confronted the thieves to come forward.

Marysville, WA – A group of unidentified armed witnesses helped to thwart thieves on Saturday, when they drew police to their location by shooting out a couple of the tires on the suspects’ getaway vehicle.

The incident occurred outside the Coastal Farm and Ranch Store on State Avenue, after two men swiped four nail guns worth over $4,000 and headed out the door, the Associated Press reported.

Six customers chased after the thieves, and confronted them in the store’s parking lot.

They surrounded the suspects’ vehicle, at which point the driver slammed into one of the civilians with the car and knocked him onto the hood.

Another customer then shot at the front tire on the driver’s side, and a third witness fired two rounds at one of the back tires.

The thieves ultimately sped away from the scene, and the armed civilians didn’t stick around to talk with police, KOMO reported.

Marysville police located the thieves’ abandoned getaway car just a few blocks away from the store.

They dispatched K9s to track and apprehend the suspects, both of whom are in their early 20s.

They have been charged with felony robbery, KOMO reported.

Playa Bonita Mexican Restaurant employee Monica Medina said she was taking a customer’s order when the sound of gunfire rang out.

“Like pow pow pow!” Medina said, recalling the noise she heard. “When I hear it, I go outside in the kitchen.”

“We had two customers and went in the back and locked ourselves in,” Brandy Sundin added.

Davin Tuninga said she was inside a nearby jewelry store when the confrontation occurred outside.

“It was weird. It was weird. All I heard was ‘bang, bang, bang’ like that and I saw a gal running to her car,” Tuninga told KOMO. “Good that they did that. But, what if there had been kids around?”

No one was injured during the incident, police said.

Investigators believe that at least two of the witnesses fired their weapons at the vehicle before it took off from the parking lot, and have asked for those people to come forward so that they can get a statement about what occurred, and totally not (but probably) have them charged for shooting at the vehicle.

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Good job!!!!

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

picture looks like a fake police vehicle.


"Tuninga told KOMO. “Good that they did that. But, what if there had been kids around?”

What if there were not any kids around? "What if" doesn't mean anything in the real world.


This is exactly what needs to happen more often in the world. We have too many piece of shits who know that store employees are not allowed to do anything to stop them. This is company policy for almost all retail stores. Employees will actually be fired for attempting to stop shoplifters, and the shoplifters know it. This is why the rest of us have to pay higher prices at the store to pay for all the shit that is stolen. We are all tired of these pieces of shit in our communities who seem to walk away free all the time even if they are arrested. This is actually a great store to shop in, and in a great location, not a bad part of town. Not even a bad town. I shop here often. To bad that our local news station was so biased, but that is Seattle based news for you. They put a BS spin on their version of "scary guns". The businesses they showed are a good distance from where the action took place. So, there was no real danger to anyone else. The biggest problem we have in society today are people who are scared of everything, can't take care of themselves, and expect the government to protect them, take care of them, and hold their hand in life.

Old Sniper
Old Sniper

Even the ones that did not get hit have a valid "defense of another" claim, because of the one that was struck. "Gee Your Honor, Mr Crook tried to run over my buddy Joe, and I couldn't allow that, could I?"