Singer Chris Brown Arrested For Rape In France

Chris Brown and two of his associates are in police custody in Paris following allegations of rape.

Paris, FR – Grammy Award-winning singer Chris Brown and two members of his entourage have been detained by French police on rape and narcotics charges.

The alleged victim told police that she met the 29-year-old Brown at club Le Crystal on Jan.15, and that she later went back to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with him, TMZ reported.

She said she was raped at the hotel.

On Tuesday, police confirmed they have detained Brown and two other men, including the singer’s bodyguard, on potential narcotics offenses and aggravated rape, according to Associated Press.

They have two more days to decide whether or not preliminary charges will be filed.

Brown has had multiple run-ins with the law in the past, including a brutal 2009 domestic violence incident that left his then-girlfriend Rihanna with visible injuries to her mouth and eyes, TMZ reported.

He was charged with making criminal threats and felony assault in that case, and was later sentenced to five years of probation.

Brown and his bodyguard were charged with felony assault in 2013 after a fight outside a Washington, D.C. hotel, but the offense was dropped down to a misdemeanor, CNN reported.

The performer went to a chemical dependency treatment facility later that year, but he was kicked out after he smashed out a window of his mother’s car during a family therapy session.

The expulsion landed him a probation violation in March of 2014, and he later pleaded guilty to another probation violation stemming from the fight in Washington.

The judge kept him locked up until June of 2014, and he pleaded guilty to his role in the Washington altercation later that year.

Brown is currently awaiting trial for a 2017 altercation where he allegedly punched a man for taking his photograph without his permission.

He’s also scheduled to be arraigned in Los Angeles in February on charges that he had a pet Capuchin monkey without a permit, according to Associated Press.

Brown is also the subject of a lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed she was raped by one of Brown’s friends during a party Brown had at his home, TMZ reported.

According to the lawsuit, Brown gave the partygoers cocaine, marijuana, and MDMA.

Brown is best-known for his 2000s hits, including “Kiss Kiss” and “Run It,” according to the Associated Press.

He received a Grammy Award in 2011 for best R&B album for “F.A.M.E.”

Six of Brown’s albums have gone platinum, and he is expected to release a new album later this year.

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you can take some people out of the hood, but not the hood out of them.


I am sure no one is really surprised by this. As soon as this young man (I'm using the term man loosely) hit the music scene he made a name for himself. At the beginning of his career he appeared clean cut and down to earth. He must have decided a good name was not the one he wanted or could only front for so long. Either way it didn't take him long to fall from grace. Breezy and his entourage have been released with no charges at this time. Brown thinks he's entitled it's that simple from what I've seen. His Mom admitted on Larry King Brown grew up witnessing her abuse by his Stepdad. Is he living what he learned? Mom says, No but I'm not so sure. I just pray he wakes up and realizes God could have given all the talent He gave him to someone who would use it in a more sensible manner.


It's too bad he has never truly suffered the consequences of his actions. He will continue along this path until he is caught committing a crime that he can't pay his way out of.


Again, its Chris Brown??? ..yet now wearing a frown. Ain't no place for this clown! ..See, he's on his way down.

He passes out drugs ..and thinks he is smug. Cops now know his mug. His grave.. it is dug.

Now accused of rape while friends watched and vaped. Public's mouths are agape. His mouth needs duct tape.

He's now stuck in France. Cops... oh how they prance. He begs for a chance... Not this time -...No dance.

Oh yeah... its Chris Brown and he's on his way down. Keep him out of this town... ...'cause he's on his way down.