Sheriff Proposes Task Force To Handle Chicago Cemetery Gunfights


The Cook County sheriff has proposed a task force to deal with violent crime during gang funerals.

Chicago, IL – Shootings and other violence at gang funerals in and around Chicago has gotten so bad that law enforcement has proposed creating a task force to tackle the problems of gang funeral attendees shooting at each other and waving guns outside of their cars, FOX News reported.

On Thursday, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart held a meeting that included political, religious, and funeral industry leaders to discuss the growing safety issues surrounds gang funerals in and around the Chicago area.

He proposed those specific groups form the task force.

"These funeral processions have gone through our communities where people have been hanging out of cars. There have been shots fired,” Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin told WFLD.

Funeral director John McCall said he feared for the safety of his staff who work at the gang funerals.

"It is dramatic for the families and very dramatic even for the funeral directors, the violence that's going on and all the things that's happening. Guns and knives,” McCall said.

Authorities said they planned to have the task force in place and operational this spring, ahead of the expected uptick in murders that usually occurs in Chicago during the summer months.

"This has been something that has been escalating I'd say over the last ten to 15 years from where it was not much of a problem. It was very isolated. To now it occurs more frequently,” Sheriff Dart said.

The sheriff said he doesn’t plan to drag out the organization of the task force.

He told WFLD he hoped to have ideas and proposals that could be executed as early as May.

Sheriff Dart said that at least one cemetery had already started hiring off-duty police officers to work details at gang funerals.

This practice was first considered after a gun battle erupted at a gang funeral in December of 2017, when the Hillside police chief rammed a suspect’s vehicle with his police SUV to capture a gunman.

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Dig deeper holes at the cemetery and all those who want to engage in gunfights should be neutralized and placed in the hole.


I wouldn't have a task force at these funerals.
The cops WILL get hurt or killed.
Actually, this is a great opportunity for the vicious gangs , just to kill each other. What's bad about that? These are bums who terrorise the neighborhoods, and make life miserable for the good people who live there.
So, let it be. Keep having those funerals, and let them kill each other.
Sounds like a good plan to me.
Oh, one more thing. The parents and the relatives, who are probably good citizens, just stay away that particular day.
Have a beautiful memorial at home for your loved one, and then, about a week later visit the grave.
If they don't do this, the next grave just may be their own.


Let it be as it is - Darwinism in action. Warn people when & where funerals are to take place and allow a "free fire" zone to add to the carnage of thugs and friends. Shit shitheads!


It’s sad that these thugs have been allowed to run wild for that last 8 years and it has escalated because they know with negative press that Law Enforcement gets all they have to do is holler bogus crap about a officer and it turns to crap. They need to go in and start kicking a#& and that would solve some of it.