Shaun King Says He's The Victim After Spreading False Trooper Rape Story

Instead of apologizing for telling millions of people a false story about a trooper raping Sherita Dixon Cole...

Ellis County, TX - After activist-writer Shaun King told the world that a trooper kidnapped and raped a woman, while threatening to murder her fiance, bodycam video was released that proved all of the allegations were lies.

Now Shaun King is claiming that he's a victim, has refused to apologize, and threw in new lies about the trooper that he had falsely accused.

If you haven't seen the full accusations against the trooper, you should go read it now.

The recap, Shaun King definitively stated that a Texas trooper stopped Sherita Dixon Cole, arrested her because she had an attitude, groped her, threatened to murder her fiance and plant a gun on his body, drove her behind an abandoned car dealership and raped her, then booked her into jail on false charges.

The 2-hour long bodycam video very clearly showed that the woman was arrested for DUI, and it's impossible for any of the allegations to be true.

While Dixon Cole was still in custody and being booked, King somehow obtained the fabricated details of his long story and posted all allegations as if they definitively happened. King also included the trooper's name in his story.

The post instantly resulted in thousands of people flooding the jail with phone calls so that they don't "Sandra Bland" Dixon Cole.

Sandra Bland killed herself while in a jail in 2015, and anti-police conspiracy theorists say that she was actually murdered by police who staged a suicide, and that she was actually dead when they took her mugshot using her body.

The mob then misidentified another law enforcement officer as the arresting officer because he had the same last name. They then began to post his phone number, his wife's information, and the information of other family members online.

The posts came with numerous death threats.

The Dixon Cole's attorney, Lee Merritt, had also made similar accusations against the trooper, but he had only stated them as accusations and did not make definitive statements like King did.

Merritt had previously made false claims against another officer which was disproved by bodycam video in January. After that false claim, Merritt refused to apologize and simply told people that the claims were false.

He was also accused of practicing law without a Texas license.

However, after the latest bodycam was released following the rape allegations, even Merritt had the decency to apologize.

"It is deeply troubling when innocent parties are falsely accused and I am truly sorry for any trouble these claims may have caused Officer Hubbard and his family. I take full responsibility for amplifying these claims to the point of national concern," Merritt said.

But Shaun King lacks even the decency of an attorney with a shady history.

In a lengthy response, Shaun King lied and suggested that the video shows that the trooper lacked probable cause to arrest Dixon Cole.

"The officer administered a DUI test and she passed every physical requirement and request over the course of twenty straight minutes of being examined," King said. This is not true.

The video clearly shows Dixon Cole giving numerous clues of impairment on the scientifically-validated standardized field sobriety tests.

He does admit that the accusations against the trooper are clearly false.

"Earlier today I was able to review nearly two hours of body camera footage provided by the police department," King said. "The footage appears to be authentic and trustworthy. At no time does it show any of the horrible allegations originally made by Sherita Dixon-Cole. The officer never threatens her or her fiancé as she described. No sexual assault of any kind takes place. From all indications the officer, Daniel Hubbard, was very professional and patient throughout the ordeal. The whole thing was rather routine and painfully normal."

But what is most disturbing is that King claims that he's a victim and fails to acknowledge or apologize his role in victimizing a falsely-accused trooper.

"But Sherita Dixon-Cole is not one of those victims. She victimized us. She victimized the man she falsely accused and she victimized those who stood up for her — believing that she had experienced the worst crimes," King posted.

King's post admitting that he spread false information is estimated to have been shared about 1/20th as much as his original post with the false accusations.

No. 1-16

King purports to stand up for victims who have been falsely accused and their Civil Rights violated, but neither he nor his followers can see the irony that they've done the very thing they say they fight against.

Those who argued against King taking any blame in this situation (whatever their race, religion, sexuality, identity etc) are, unfortunately, entirely too representative of a segment of the population that does not understand the concept "individual responsibility." I've so far had a cursory understanding of the "blame anyone else but me" epidemic but didn't truly grasp the scope and magnitude until studying this situation.


The scariest part is that I looked at his Facebook page and read his post about this incident. One of the officers affected by this (the one incorrectly named by King) had a family member comment about the absolutely HELLACIOUS experience the man and his family went through. Her post was simply asking King to take responsibility for his actions and to apologize for his part of it. At the time I read it King hadn't responded but his followers did. The woman was treated with such vitriol and disgust for simply giving her opinion. The general consensus was that King hadn't done anything wrong but even if he had it didn't matter because the cop was white and his momentary "discomfort" was nothing compared to the problems in the African American community. There was also the sentiment that we (white people) had it coming (these are my summations of the many posts I read, not a direct quote).


Hopefully Talcum X gets sued.


She should be locked up minimum of 2 years for the False allegations with intent to stir hatred towards Cops and more division in society. Fueling the already fire against Cops. There have been many cases like this one. Thank God for body cams. One of these days the law will prosecute one of them to make an example for others to think twice. All there trying to do is sue to rip off the taxpayers.


This guy doesn't speak for me bro. He's a moron and certainly not my "voice".