Serial Killers Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz Give Chilling Details About Murders

Bucks County, PA - Two cousins, Cosmo DiNardo, age 20, and Sean Kratz, age 20, have confessed and have been charged with the gruesome murders of Dean Finocchiaro...

Bucks County, PA - Two cousins, Cosmo DiNardo, age 20, and Sean Kratz, age 20, have confessed and have been charged with the gruesome murders of Dean Finocchiaro, age 19, Mark Sturgis, age 22, Tom Meo, age 21, and Jimi Patrick, age 19. They are being held without bond, according to

On Thursday, July 13, Cosmo DiNardo confessed to the murders of the four men and told police where the bodies were, in exchange for not getting the death penalty, according to Fox News.

An unnamed source told the Associated Press that DiNardo was a drug dealer who sold marijuana in quarter-pound amounts for thousands of dollars. The source also said that DiNardo traded and sold illegal guns to local residents.

On July 14, the Bucks County District Attorney's Office released additional information about the murders, according to CBS Local Philadelphia. All four murders involved DiNardo luring the victims to his family's farm using marijuana and then murdering them.

In the first incident, DiNardo had agreed to sell Jimi Patrick four pounds of marijuana for $8,000 on Wednesday, July 5, and picked him up at his Newcastle home. He drove him to the family's property located on Lower York Road.

When DiNardo discovered that Patrick only had $800 on him, he told him that he'd sell him a shotgun instead, and drove him to a remote area on the property. He handed Patrick a shotgun and then shot him with a .22 caliber rifle. DiNardo got a backhoe, drove it back to where Patrick was, dug a hole six feet deep, and buried him.

According to the DA's Office, in the second incident, DiNardo and Kratz agreed to sell Finocchiaro $700 worth of marijuana on Friday, July 7, but decided to rob him instead. DiNardo gave Sean Kratz a Smith & Wesson handgun, and Kratz shot Finochiaro in the head when all three met at a bar on the family's Solebury Township property.

Cosmo DiNardo admitted to shooting Finocchiaro after Kratz shot him, but insisted he was already dead. Both DiNardo and Kratz wrapped Finocchiaro's body in a tarp and were trying to drag him out when the tarp got stuck on a nail. So they got a backhoe, picked up Finocchiaro's body, and threw it into a metal tank that they called the "pig roaster."

In the third incident, the DA's Office said that DiNardo had an agreement to sell marijuana to Meo on Friday night, July 7. DiNardo met Meo and Sturgis at Peddler's Village, and they followed DiNardo back to the family's property on Aquetong Road. When Meo got out of his car, DiNardo shot him in the back. He then shot Sturgis, who was trying to run away.

The DA's Office said that DiNardo ran over Meo with the backhoe, then picked up the bodies of both Meo and Sturgis, and put them in the "pig roaster". DiNardo poured gas on the three bodies inside the metal tank, and set them on fire. Sean Kratz later told police that DiNardo "basically crushed Meo with the backhoe."

Some of Cosmo DiNardo's text messages were obtained by, and in those messages he said that he wasn't worried about Finocchiaro's disappearance. He also said that perhaps Finocchiaro had left town because he was wanted by police. DiNardo had bragged on social media about "taking care of a debt," and posted a picture of himself holding a gun on social media.

After days of investigation and searching the family's farm, cadaver dogs led police to a location on the farm where multiple graves were found early Thursday, July 13. Police were able to identify the body of Finocchiaro, but were unable to identify the other remains. Matthew Weintraub, Bucks County District Attorney, said that police had been digging in a common grave that was about 12 and 1/2 feet. He said that the FBI had brought in heavy equipment to dig a trench, and that the dirt was then sifted by hand.

Weintraub said that DiNardo and Kratz had confessed, but had not provided a motive for the heinous crimes. At a press conference he said, “I’m not sure if we could ever answer that question."

Cosmo DiNardo was arrested on Wednesday, July 12, for trying to sell Meo's car on July 9 for $500, a day before Meo disappeared. Meo's 1996 Nissan was found on the farm.

He was also arrested on Monday, July 10, on an unrelated gun possession charge from an incident that occurred in February. The warrant said that DiNardo possessed a gun and ammunition, which he can't legally possess because of a previous involuntary commitment.

Both Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz have been charged with multiple counts of conspiracy, homicide, and abuse of a corpse.