Sen. Ted Cruz Calls For Feds To Investigate Portland Mayor After Antifa Attacks

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called for a federal investigation into the Portland mayor's handling of violent protests.

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called for the U.S. Department of Justice to step in and investigate the mayor of Portland’s handling of protests and violence in his city after citizens, police, and a journalist were injured in demonstrations on Saturday.

“To law enforcement: find & prosecute these violent felons,” Cruz tweeted early on Sunday morning.

“To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists,” he added two minutes later.

This not the first time that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has been in the hot seat for the way his city manages violent protests led by black-masked antifa determined to draw blood from conservative demonstrators.

In October of 2018, protesters and antifa took over city streets in Portland and blocked traffic, threatened drivers, and damaged an elderly man’s vehicle.

In all of the cell phone videos of the mayhem, Portland police were either absent or simply standing by watching the chaos unfold before them.

When asked for comment on police not taking action during the violent protests, Portland Police Bureau's said that introducing law enforcement to a crowd of people engaged in illegal activity could "change the demeanor of the crowd for the worse."

Days later, under fire from community groups and activists, Wheeler announced a new city ordinance that would put the police commissioner in charge of telling protesters where, how, and when they could protest in Portland.

Mayor Wheeler is the Portland police commissioner.

The latest round of violent protests involved hundreds of black-clad, masked antifa armed with sticks, pepper spray, and other weapons.

Black-masked antifa were captured on video as they attacked an elderly man who walked through the area where they were marching.

The video, posted by Human Events Managing Editor Ian Miles Cheong, showed a group of thugs grabbing an elderly man with white hair and beating him with a crowbar and spraying him with mace.

A big man in a black shirt with a red beard tried to intervene but antifa members beat him as well, beating him over the head before they sprayed him with mace as well, the video showed.

But the man did not give up on helping the elderly man.

The video showed the big bleeding man heading over to help the elderly man but then he was attacked again by masked antifa, who shoved him away and up onto the sidewalk, where they sprayed him again from an industrial-sized can of mace.

Once the older man was able to get to his feet, he continued walking away from the violent protesters as they screamed at him.

A man with a camera stepped in and handed the bleeding elderly man a cloth to wipe his face.

The older man then held onto his rescuer’s hand and the man walked him safely away from the crowd, the video showed.

The good Samaritan who helped him, Adam Kelly, was taken to the hospital where doctors used 25 stitches and staples to close the bloody gashes on his head.

Multiple citizens and police officers were injured and three people were arrested during violent protests led by black-masked antifa that took over Portland on June 29.

Most of the city’s streets were shut down or blocked as roving bands of antifa, clad in black and wearing hoods or helmets with black face masks, attacked police, conservative demonstrators, and at least one journalist.

Separate demonstrations led by different factions had been planned in several places in the city, but by 3 p.m. the violence and mayhem had escalated to the point where the Portland Police Bureau was forced to declare a civil disturbance and unlawful assembly, The Oregonian reported.

Protesters threw eggs, milkshakes, and other projectiles at the police officers tasked with keeping peace during the demonstrations.

Police said some of the milkshakes that were thrown contained “a substance similar to quick-drying cement,” The Oregonian reported.

Quick-drying cement can cause chemical burns, even after it's washed off.

Officers in crowd-control gear lined up to shut down passage on street and police ordered the crowd to disperse through a loudspeaker and threatened to use crowd control tactics on those who did not leave.

During the chaos of the day, journalist Andy Ngo was attacked by a mob several times.

Ngo was filming the crowd when he was attacked from multiple directions by masked antifa and his GoPro camera was stolen.

He was able to get clear of the crowd and talk with officers, and then was transported to the emergency room for treatment.

Ngo was admitted to the hospital overnight with a “brain bleed,” according to his attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon.

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About time the feds got involved. We need militias to protect conservatives out there now? HELL NO!


These out of control zealots for evil need to be stopped before more people die at the hands of the DemonRats & LibTurds, who encourage violence against anyone who doesn’t go with their sick train of thoughts & warped perceptions. The MSM is definitely an accomplice to all this violence against Conservatives & Republicans. I personally would pull out a gun & drop them all in a heartbeat, if they ever pulled their mob mentality hate rage on me. And not feel 1 iota of sorrow. The best ‘Justice’ will be served up by their Creator God, who they also have disdain for. He gets the last laugh on all the demon driven fools. 👍


Nobody has any *alls! I would love to go to Portland (unfortunately cannot because I work full time job in SLC UT) but I would bring my Sig Sauer P220 45 cal and (have a multi state CCP) wait for Antifa thugs to attack me with weapons (mace, bats, etc) and draw and "double tap" a few in the "A zone" (Chest cavity) and legally "eliminate" 5 perpetrators (9 +1)! Oh the joy of protection against armed aggressors!


It would be fun to finally get to use my ASP baton in these thugs. The civil war is coming and we deplorables have all the firepower.


Good, Senator Ted Cruz is now helping to draw more mainstream attention to the matter and will force the media to better address the news coverage. High level government needs to get involved at the AG level and they need to implement laws that would make it a federal crime to wear masks at a protest. AG also needs to implement rulings on the level of violence perpetrated on innocent bystanders by these same protesters.