See how far Marshall is on the left and the news spins this story? The columnist Kavenaugh, in my opinion, practically glorified antifa while calling Patriot Prayers instigators. He might just have brought an expensive tax dollar paid for suit for violating our constitutional rights with this move.

Must have something to do with the law abiding civil walk around some blocks calling to replace this mayotr for allowing antifa to take over the streets and brutalize citizens at will.

We did nothing to provoke, we rounded a corner and they sprayed us with orange colored bear repellent.

We got to a point where a jerk started to burn our flag, and our boys fought to put the flame out and take ownership of the flag.

We were going to a memorial to lay our flowers down and antfa tried to block access to that and disrupted the memorial yelling f u for the wotld to hear.

The instigators always are antifa as they want to claim Portland as a communist strong hold, they even were waving a chinese communist flag at one point.

There were no blacks yelling blm, only whites, but there were blacks and every other race on our side yelling to get Marshall out of office.

Don't even bother reading thefake news media meant for the bird cage.. ptewey!