Security Pulls Gun On Uniformed Cop Who Wouldn't Disarm In Gun Free Zone

Security guard Seth Eklund pointed a gun at Deputy Alan Gaston's back, then tried to take him into custody.

Toledo, OH – A security guard at an IRS office pulled a gun on a uniformed deputy and attempted to take him into custody for refusing to disarm.

The incident occurred on May 31, after on-duty Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Gaston stopped by the IRS office at 4 Seagate to ask a question about a letter he had received, WTVG reported.

After he’d walked inside, he was confronted by armed security guard Seth Eklund, who told him he couldn’t have his duty weapon inside the office.

Eklund ordered Deputy Gaston to take the gun out to his vehicle, but the deputy said that he cannot disarm while on duty.

As Deputy Gaston turned and walked out of the office, Eklund followed behind him with a gun pointed at the deputy’s back, security footage showed.

Deputy Gaston said he recalled “basically preparing myself to be shot at that moment,” WTVG reported. “Bracing for a shot in my back.”

The deputy continued to walk away from Eklund, who followed him out to the elevators with his gun still drawn, the video showed.

"There's really no way to know how you're going to act when there's a gun pointed at you and when you think you're going to lose your life," Deputy Gaston said.

With his gun still drawn, the security guard reached out and unsuccessfully attempted to take Deputy Gaston into custody.

Deputy Gaston, a defensive tactics instructor, determined that walking away was the best way to de-escalate the tense situation.

He said he was also concerned that Eklund’s behavior was putting other people in the building at risk.

Meanwhile, an employee inside the 911 office called Toledo police to report that there was a man with a gun inside the building and that he wouldn’t leave, WTVG reported.

The caller didn’t mention that the armed man was a uniformed sheriff’s deputy who was trying to exit the building.

Toledo police arrived at the scene and quelled the situation, and Eklund has since been charged with aggravated menacing.

He is scheduled to appear in court next week.

Deputy Gaston said that Eklund “went 0 to 100” with regards to his use of force, and said that his behavior indicated a lack of training.

The deputy noted that he believes the security guard’s use of lethal force was “unacceptable” in that situation.

Deputy Gaston is currently on medical leave after suffering psychological and emotional distress as a result of the incident, WTVG reported.

He and his wife have filed a civil lawsuit against Eklund and the security company seeking compensation for lost wages and psychological damage.

Eklund and the IRS office have not responded to requests for comment, WTVG reported.

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If the IRS is worried about armed, pissed off people in their buildings, then maybe they're ignoring the larger problem here.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

18 U.S. Code § 930. Possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in Federal facilities

(a) Except as provided in subsection (d), whoever knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a Federal facility (other than a Federal court facility), or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both. . . . (d) Subsection (a) shall not apply to— (1) the lawful performance of official duties by an officer, agent, or employee of the United States, a State, or a political subdivision thereof, who is authorized by law to engage in or supervise the prevention, detection, investigation, or prosecution of any violation of law; . . .

militans Deo
militans Deo

I really hope Deputy Eklund gets paid. He needs to sue the IRS as well.


On the flip side, I was at the Roseville California Social Security Office which also protects it's lobby with armed security guards. They made me go back to my car after I said I had a small pocket knife with me. Shorty after I returned an apparently known lady who was reported banned from all Social Security Offices started making a scene over something. The Guards advised her to leave and she said..."Fine, I'm going to get my gun out of my car". Then they let her go to her car. Meanwhile, I moved to the closest exit. Fortunately, she got in her car and left. Perhaps our public federal offices should have law enforcement officers instead of poorly trained security officers.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

He should probably wait on that until the statute of limitations period on 18 U.S.C. section 930 has expired.