Secret Service Arrests Dallas Man Near White House For Threatening To Kill All The White Police

Michael Arega drove from Dallas to Washington, D.C. after making Facebook threats to kill all white police. He was talking about law enforcement, not the band.

Washington, DC - A man who reportedly traveled from Texas to carry out his threats to "kill all white police" at the White House was arrested on Monday near the White House.

On Monday afternoon, the Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Department alerted the Secret Service about 2:55 PM to be on the lookout for Michael Arega, according to PIX11.

Information had been received by the Montgomery County Police Department that Arega, who is from Dallas, was enroute to Washington with plans to kill all of the white police officers at the White House.

According to Arega's Facebook page, he had stayed last night in Silver Spring, Maryland.

On Arega's Facebook page, it shows that he was at the White House shortly before 4 PM. Another post at about the same time read "I REMOVE THE POWER OF DARKENES FROM USA IN THE POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!"

More posts from Arega at about the same time included "Thank you JESUS YOU BRING TRUE JUSTICE FOR YOUR PEPOLE IN AMERICA!!" Arega also shared a post about President Trump, where he threatened him and said in his own words, "Kill Him in JESUS NAME!!"

His Facebook posts suggested that he was a follower of Woubshet Humaso, who is listed on Facebook as the president and founder of the God's Kingdom ministry.

About an hour later, the Secret Service located Arega on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Park. In a statement, they said that "Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers immediately detained Arega."

He was arrested without incident, and taken to the Metropolitan Police Department. No weapons were found in his possession and he was charged with making felony threats.