Second NFL Kneeler Accused Of Violence Against Women Over Weekend


Another NFL anthem kneeler was accused of violence against a woman.

​Cleveland, OH - An Ohio woman told police that Kansas City Chiefs’ running back Kareem Hunt “shoved and pushed” her during a dispute at a downtown hotel.

Abigail Ottinger, 19, told police that Hunt attacked her at about 3:45 a.m. on Saturday, outside Hunt’s hotel apartment, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Another woman in Hunt’s group claimed that Ottinger had assaulted her, according to police reports.

Cleveland Police Sergeant Jennifer Ciaccia said the incident appeared to be a cross complaint, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Sgt. Ciaccia said each complainant would need to go to the prosecutor to file charges if they wanted to pursue their cases.

Ottinger told police that she and her friend spent the evening with Hunt and his friends, traveling around Cleveland on a party bus, going from bar to bar, the police report said.

The women, who told police they were students from Kent State University, went back to Hunt’s apartment with the group after their night of partying.

Ottinger told police the professional football player and his friends kicked them out of the apartment because she wasn’t interested in one of the men in the group.

She said they waited in the hallway as they tried to get a way back to their college.

Her friend told police that she tried to tell Ottinger they should leave, but Ottinger became very dramatic once they were kicked out, according to the police report.

Ottinger told police Hunt came out of the apartment and shoved and pushed her.

At that point, the men in the group began to chase Ottinger, according to the account her friend gave to police.

Hunt’s friends told a very different story. They told police that Ottinger and her friend were kicked out of the apartment when Hunt’s group learned they were only 19 years old.

The football player’s friend told police they gave the women $20 for a ride, and left them in the hallway while Hunt went to bed.

The friend claimed that when they told the women they had to leave, Ottinger called him and Hunt racial slurs, and then stayed outside in the hallway for 30 minutes, pounding on the door and yelling.

That’s when another woman with Hunt’s group told police she tried to get the two women to leave, and that Ottinger hit her in the face.

Hunt told police that he asked the women to leave and went to bed.

He claimed he told someone to call security when he could hear the women yelling in the hallway.

Hunt was one of two NFL players who were accused of violence against a woman over the weekend, after protesting police brutality during the 2017 football season by sitting for the national anthem.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested for domestic violence, threats, and possession of an assault weapon charges on Sunday morning, police said.

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WTH were these girls thinking? They put themselves in that position and have no one else to blame but themselves!


Each side paints a very different picture. I'll wait until more evidence is released to make an actual judgment.


@JohnPollastro Kaepernick isn't a felon, though. Your meme doesn't match your comment.


Did I do that ! Sorry remembering the show erkle on my way to the hospital having problems breathing! I pushed the wrong meme I’ll delete it! But Kareem hunt did kneel with him ! I’ll fix it after I get my room at the ER


Stupid all the way round. Girls should have known better and he's an adult acting like he's all something, when in reality he's just another football player.


@JohnPollastro don't fix it, those are your thoughts. I'm just saying, if you're going to call out the NFL for harboring felons, at least put a felon in the picture.


I am a me too movement supporter. I do not understand why it has to be posted as a kneeler. I do not remember Hunt kneeling and if he did it was not consistent and there is nothing wrong with kneeling. Kneeling is not disrespectful; putting the flag across the field and wearing on your shirts is against flag policy. It sounds to me that the guys and the girls were in disagreement and they were kicked out. I had to touch someone, respectful, to leave my home when outrageous. I have only seen Hunt as a respectful person. Now....if he did get violent then he will have to answer. I wish the person who wrote this titled the article properly. thanks.