School Resource Officer Fired For Making Naked Video For Husband In Bathroom

The Kissimmee police chief said he couldn't trust the officer to do her job after displaying such poor judgment.

Kissimmee, FL – An elementary school resource officer (SRO) was fired for stripping naked in a locked staff bathroom on campus and making a naked video for her husband.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office was investigating a personal incident between the SRO and her husband when they came across the cell phone video made in the school bathroom at Imagine Kissimmee Charter Academy in December of 2018, WFTV reported.

The video showed the SRO standing stark naked inside the locked staff bathroom.

Before filming, she removed her uniform and put her gun belt and pepper spray on the floor.

In the video, the officer told her intended recipient “I’m doing this for you.”

She also asked him what they thought of what she was doing.

WFTV said the officer filmed herself doing things that couldn’t be shown or talked about on television.

Once the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office made the Kissimmee Police Department aware of the inappropriate video, Kissimmee police began their own investigation, KTRK reported.

The report said that the SRO told investigators that she knew that what she had done by filming herself naked in the elementary school bathroom was wrong, but the door was locked and she didn’t think she should be fired for it.

But the department didn’t agree, KTRK reported.

"Even though she was on a lunch break, she was subject to recall at any time, and due to her disrobed state, it would delay any immediate response,” the report read.

It said that if a shooting were to have happened while she was filming, the officer would not have been able to respond because she was naked, according to WFTV.

Kissimmee Police Chief Jeffrey O’Dell called the officer’s behavior completely unacceptable.

Chief O’Dell said that she had lost his trust that she would protect the 775 students and 65 staff members at the elementary school, WFTV reported.

"It goes to show what that person, what kind of behavior or their lack of commitment to professionalism, providing security in schools,” the chief said. “If you're going to do this, I don't know if you can be trusted at any time on duty."

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Great. They sure picked the wrong story to blur out the photo and NOT name the SRO!!! Hahaha.

Gunner wilson
Gunner wilson



Did her husband share the video? I locked myself in a bathroom at a rest stop one ants were eating me up I was nude and my equipment was all over the floor....sorry no video.


What is she a teenager? They should fire her twice!

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

I think the sheriff's department may have committed a tort by revealing personal information to her employer. I don't think police have a right to disseminate your personal info outside of dissemination that happens when pursuing criminal charges. I could be wrong -- never seen a case on this exact issue -- but having a law enforcement using someone's personal information obtained in their law enforcement capacity to try to get that person fired (in cases where no crime has been committed) seems like it is, or should be, considered as a po-po no-no.

I smell a lawsuit coming.