School Employee Allegedly Sent Nudes To Student, Told Him Not To Save Them

Kelsie Koepke allegedly sent a 15-year-old boy sexually explicit photos and videos of herself.

Katy, TX – A Texas high school paraprofessional has been accused of sending nude photos and videos of herself to a 15-year-old male student.

Kelsie Rochelle Koepke, 25, has been arrested on charged of online solicitation of a minor and having an improper relationship, KPRC reported.

She was a working as a paraprofessional at Paetow High School in October of 2017, when she first met the victim at a school event, he told investigators.

During that initial meeting, Koepke allegedly provided the teen with her Snapchat username, “Momma K,” and the two began chatting through the app, the boy said.

She also allegedly told the teen not to save their conversations.

Approximately two weeks later, on Homecoming night, Koepke sent him the first set of nude videos and photos of herself.

The next day, she found the teen at school and said, “I can’t believe I did that,” the victim told police.

She apologized for what she had done, but sent him more nude videos and photos of herself a few days later.

In May of 2018, Koepke allegedly sent the boy a video that showed her masturbating, the New York Post reported.

The school employee’s face was clearly visible in at least one of the videos, police said.

Koepke later told investigators that she sent the photos and videos to the teen by mistake, and that she initially thought she was sending them to someone else she had met on a dating website.

She only sent her student more photos and videos in order to “keep the peace,” she claimed.

School administrators became aware of Koepke’s alleged conduct after another student “noticed a conversation on social media regarding inappropriate content” Koepke and a student were sharing with each other, Paetow High School Principal Mindy Dickerson said in a letter to parents and guardians, according to KTRK.

Koepke, who was also responsible for overseeing the boy’s lunch period, was fired by the school district on Wednesday.

“Please be assured that the District takes this allegation very seriously and is fully cooperating with law enforcement,” Dickerson wrote. “Providing a safe and secure learning environment is and will continue to be our top priority and the District will always act swiftly when that is compromised.”

Koepke is due back in court on May 7, the New York Post reported.

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#13 for 13 . So far she only has been fired. Lets see May 7th if anything further. I am hardly 'anti female". Not by a long shot, but be it that this is now 13 for 13 older female vs younger male or female it makes me say to myself that there most definitely appears something is way off in these situations. That even when caught little is done. If a woman were to blame a white male I 'd say think again. I experienced first hand the double standards allowed to exist in the work place . I constantly see how the media / women's/ racial groups try to "demonize" the white male and am now thinking " start policing your own ranks first " before you come knocking white males. Just so tired of white males made to be a scapegoat of so many issues ...yet who are the routine "problem children" on this site? It isn't the white male.


Correction= #15 for 15. This is happening so often its hard to keep count.


What is a "paraprofessional"?


These entitled millenial females, usually teachers, keep doing this stuff. What the hell is going on? Is this revenge for the #metoo thing or just stupidness? Too bad all she'll get is a little double secret probation. A man doing this with a juvenile girl would get lots of jail time. Big double standard. That needs to stop too.


I realize this seems to be a new thing. But I wonder if that is true. I am starting to think that it has gone on for many many years and boys just don't want to make a fuss believing they will be looked down upon by their peers. So many men on this site have made nauseating comments about how gorgeous the women teachers are now and where the hell were they when they were young boys...THAT is the double standard and it is why these pedos are getting away with this horrific crime. IF it was a man, as many say, they'd be doing hard time and they would. But so long as you males out there think these young boys are LUCKY to be raped or assaulted or teased by these sick SICK females, no one is going to take the female pedos all that seriously. SO, that's on you. NOW, change your attitude and view this through the same lens that you would IF IT WERE A MAN! Who among you felt sorry for Anthony Weiner????? NO ONE, that's who. And we women were grossed out and sickened by his actions. SEE it the same way.