Sanctuary City Sues Trump Administration Over Arrival Of Too Many Immigrants

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced the federal lawsuit on Monday.

Albuquerque, NM – The State of New Mexico and the sanctuary city of Albuquerque have filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration for releasing too many immigrants into the state’s border cities.

The lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico on Monday, alleged that President Trump’s administration has enacted an “indiscriminate practice of releasing migrants in communities,” in violation of the federal “safe release” policy, KVIA reported.

The federal “safe release” policy was canceled in October of 2018 due to the massive wave of immigrants who flooded over the U.S. southern border from Central America.

That policy provided those seeking asylum with assistance in getting to their final destinations while they were waiting for their claims to be processed, KVIA reported.

“[The] sudden and unlawful abandonment of this policy was done without notice or opportunity for input by affected jurisdictions,” the lawsuit alleged.

The sanctuary city and the State of New Mexico has also demanded to be reimbursed for the funds it has shelled out to temporarily shelter immigrants.

The lawsuit alleges that the financial burden was caused by the federal government’s "derogation of duty to administer this country's immigration system and claims of asylum,” KVIA reported.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham further complained that the government’s “quick release” policy is “leaving vulnerable individuals and families without assistance and burdening local governments as well as nonprofit organizations."

In February, Grisham scoffed at the predicted influx of immigrants at the state’s southern border, calling the matter a “charade,” and withdrew National Guard troops from border locations, according to The Los Alamos Monitor.

The sanctuary city of Albuquerque currently receives between 150 and 250 immigrants every week, KVIA reported.

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller alleged that the federal government “abandoned the border states” by eliminating the “safe release” policy, according to KRQE.

"Local faith-based organizations and volunteers have been left to clean up the federal administration's immigration mess," Keller railed to The Los Alamos Monitor.

Las Cruces has received approximately 9,000 immigrants since April, and another 4,700 have landed in the small town of Deming, KVIA reported.

"The Trump administration has consistently and flagrantly failed in its response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis at our southern border as well as in addressing legitimate border security concerns," Grisham complained on Monday.

"The president has shown time and again he is interested only in demonizing the vulnerable people who arrive at our border, stoking unfounded fears about national security while taking no action to substantively and proactively protect immigrants and our southern border communities from human- and drug-trafficking,” she added.

State lawmakers’ attempts to make New Mexico a sanctuary state failed earlier this year, The Los Alamos Monitor reported.

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Maybe you should be a little more careful what you ask for! You certainly brought this on yourselves!


Nobody said you had to make your city a "Sanctuary city" nor do you have to feed and clothe them, or provide shelter. There are many Veterans and other Americans that do not have shelter, food and care. Why give it to someone that has never done anything in America except BREAK LAWS


She's getting what she deserves.


oh boo hoo over your "vulnerable people" that somehow the USA has the responsibility to take care of....they were hardy enough to make the journey and illegally jump the border, so what makes them so "vulnerable"

frankly..I don't think I've ever run across anyone that was INVULNERABLE


Keller needs more riders for the Albuquerque Rapid Transit System so he needs more illegals. I do not wish to be politically incorrect but the non-profits who sponsor and in some cases recruit the illegals are responsible and in one case it is a certain church. If the people get sick of it, it will stop. When it starts to interfere with tourism in Santa Fe it will stop.