San Francisco 49er Cheerleader Starts Kneeling During National Anthem

The NFL cheerleader who took a knee during the National Anthem has yet to be identified or speak out about it

Santa Clara, CA - A member of the San Francisco 49ers’ Gold Rush squad became the first NFL cheerleader to kneel during the National Anthem on Thursday night.

The cheerleader has not yet been identified and has not said anything about her motivations, according to CBS News.

"I just thought it was peaceful, respectful, constitutionally-protected free speech," said Lenny Herrold, a fan in the stands who took a photo of the cheerleader that went viral on social media, according to CBS News.

The photos posted on social media were of a brunette cheerleader taking a knee while the rest of the cheerleaders stood at attention.

“No one else that I know of noticed or reacted,” Herrold told Huffington Post in a message. “She stayed with her teammates for the rest of the game, and they appeared to support her.”

The game was played on national TV on the NFL Network, which has the broadcast rights for Thursday night games.

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San Francisco was the start of the anti-police demonstration when then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee in 2016 during an exhibition game.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color," Kaepernick said.

Kaepernick even sported socks depicting police officers as pigs along with his Nike shoes.

The protest later expanded even further to be a protest of President Donald Trump by some after the president spoke out against the protest.

The NFL implemented a policy in May that would have fined players who took a knee but the rescinded it when the NFL players’ union challenged it, according to CBS News.

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Young people who know nothing about sacrifice...a cheerleader no less. I'm sure she's contributed a lot to society.


No one should be mad at this story. You all were supposed to stop watching 2 years ago.

Keep on not watching though. I'm sure your protest will get somewhere eventually.


The NFL stories are cute and all, but have you gotten around to editing the latest mass shooting/suicide in a yoga studio?

Also, I see a few hats still on, a guy digging in his ear,, an official turned away from the flag, and a man saluting without a cover (probably former Army. they salute without covers). All during the anthem.



like she is really important, it's CA what do you expect?


I'd fire her butt