VIDEO: Mom Chases Down Man Peeping Into 12-Year-Old Daughter's Dressing Room

An angry mother chased down and captured a man whom she'd caught peeping into her 12-year-old daughter's dressing room.

Salt Lake City, UT Doris Stiles-Scown was shopping for school clothes with her kids on Saturday when she caught a 36-year-old man peeping under her 12-year-old daughters stall in the dressing room (video below).

The incident occurred at about 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 18 when Stiles-Scown left the dressing room at Rue 21 on Brickyard Road to get a different size of something for her daughter, she explained in a video she filmed after the alleged pervert was caught.

The mother said that when she returned to the dressing room, she saw Jorge Leon-Alfaro looking under her daughters stall in the changing room.

Stiles-Scown chased Leon-Alfaro out of the store as she called 911. Store security and passersby helped her catch the man in the parking lot, according to KTVX.

Once he was captured, the men surrounded Leon-Alfaro as he sat on the ground outside the store, and waited for police to arrive.

Stiles-Scown used that time to film a Facebook live video that explained what happened and who the man in the video was.

This right here is what a predator looks like. I caught this guy underneath my daughters stall while she was changing at Rue 21, and I had to chase him all the way down, the angry mother explained, as Leon-Alfaro kept his eyes on the ground.

Thankfully I caught him. Not today buddy, not today. Im going to make sure your face gets out so youre not in any more stalls looking under little girls dressing, she promised him in the video.

Im gonna make sure you go viral Youre a sick pervert. A 12-year-old girl Do you have kids? Youre so lucky. Youre so lucky that I dont hurt you. Because thats what I want to do to you. Because what you did to her youre going to leave a scar on my daughter permanently! Stiles-Scown ranted at the man shed caught peeping on her tween daughter.

And you better bet youre a-- Im going to be at every single court date, she told him. It took everything in me not to run him over.

Police arrived and took Leon-Alfaro into custody. Salt Lake City Police Detective Greg Wilking said there was enough evidence on-scene, and there were enough witness statements, to arrest the man on charges of voyeurism.

People are aware of whats going on and paying attention, the detective told KSTU. Other people were paying attention, too and saw similar things that concerned them and that led to his arrest.

He commended the quick response of the mother and of those who helped her stop the man who had violated her daughter.

Certainly getting police on the way as fast as you can is the right thing to do. We want to identify these individuals when stuff like this happens," Det. Wilking told KTVX.

But he also cautioned people about posting videos like the one filmed by Stiles-Scown on social media.

"It's very understandable she's upset. The thing to remember about this is there is a criminal process to this and perhaps until waiting until the charges come is the better way to release something like that, the detective said.

Police were not able to confirm whether Leon-Alfaro had a history of similar crimes, according to KSTU.

Watch the emotional video the mother filmed here:

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I know about the due process of law, but can't help feeling like I agree with the mother that pedophiles and other sex offenders should be broadcasted on social media, so that there is no place for them to hide and no place to obtain more victims. Note the real men standing guard.


What a POS!!!


Way to go mom!! I would have hurt that guy bad if I had caught him, what a POS he is and another damn foreigner at that!!


He will state in court that he identifies himself as a woman ,and will be set free, sue the store and the police dept.


This is what SCUMBAMMA wanted