Saints Coach Explains Why His Players Knelt During Tribute To Murdered Officer

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton offered an explanation for his players kneeling during a tribute to Officer Marcus McNeil.

New Orleans, LA – New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton responded to criticism of his players kneeling during a tribute to murdered New Orleans Officer Marcus McNeil on Sunday.

In his response, Payton said that it was all a “misunderstanding,” according to The Advocate.

The crowd loudly booed as the Saints players kneeled during the moment of silence before the anthem.

Payton says that the players had a plan to kneel in protest before the anthem and they just stuck with the plan even when the tribute to Officer McNeil was added.

Payton said that the players didn’t know ahead of time that there would be a moment of silence for Officer McNeil when they planned their protest.

"You had a triangular effect of misunderstanding," Payton said, according to Joel Erickson with The Advocate.

“It was very simple. No. 1, the players were going to kneel and stand for the anthem, that's understood.

“Then No. 2, there was a moment of silence for the slain officer, and everyone realized, let's have a moment of silence. I don't think it was anything more than that."

While the Saints kneeled, none of the Lions players kneeled.

All players stood during the national anthem.

New Orleans Police Department Officer Marcus McNeil, 29, was murdered early Friday morning. reports that video was recovered which shows that Officer McNeil wasn't ambushed as initially reported.

The incident happened just after midnight when a group of three officers on patrol spotted something suspicious.

Officer McNeil stepped out of his car to investigate and was alone when he got into a scuffle with the suspect. Officer McNeil tried to Taser the suspect, who then shot him repeatedly.

On video of the incident Officer McNeil could be heard screaming, then there was a final shot and Officer McNeil was found dead with his gun still in its holster.

Other officers arrived and shot the suspect, who then ran into an apartment.

The gunman remained barricaded in the apartment until he eventually surrendered to a SWAT team.

Officer Marcus McNeil leaves behind his wife, Brittiny, and two small children.

Brittiny told New Orleans Magazine that Officer McNeil had always wanted to join New Orleans PD because he wanted to make a difference in the city which is plagued with crime and poverty.

Officer McNeil's killer was identified as Darren Bridges. He was in possession of various controlled substances at the time of his arrest.

No. 1-25

Here is my answer losers!


I’m curious about the statistics of how many totally unarmed, innocent people are killed by the police? As opposed to the police having to use the necessary force against armed or unarmed criminals during the commission of a violent felony. It seems to me that most innocent victims of murders are Police Officers. How many Cops murdered this year? How many murdered innocent civilians? How many Cops indicted of murder or even manslaughter? Not many I bet. A Cops worst nightmare is being involved in a deadly shooting or any violent situation. Cops just want to come home to their families alive in one piece. Any Cops out there itching for a violent confrontation just resign and do us all a favor.


What I heard: "My players are either TOO DUMB or TOO UNCARING to differentiate between a tribute to a dead Hero or the National Anthem. That's my story and I'm sticking with it."


Why am I not surprised that the Saints coach, with the history he's had, would defend this crap. Remember the scandal, of them trying to put bounties on other players? Just like the Seattle coach, always having a two year old temper tantrum over his players getting penalties. If they weren't obsessed with disrespecting the flag, they would have been standing during the minute of silence! As for the coach, and the Saints; ** you! What I don't understand, is why were there fans there to boo in the first place? Join the boycott. Go SECC, College football Saturdays, are so much more fun to watch anyway. The NFL players must be too stupid to understand that you can't gain sympathy from fans, for your social justice, by massively offending the people you want that sympathy from! Had they gotten past their $ greed, and gotten together to put together a commercial, asking for inclusive, or increased training in policing, with minorities, I'm guessing, their would have been a totally different outcome. Instead; taking the strategy from something akin to, Alynski's "Rules for Radicals," isn't going to work on a population who actually asks the question; Why didn't those who were killed by Police, just do as instructed? Why did they resist arrest? Why were they slinging dope? 3X's as many white's are killed by Police. I had an inmate tell me years ago, (he was black, and a pretty decent guy, who looked like eddie murphy), tell me, that there is a cultural thing, where black men do NOT like to be told what to do, and they will resist. If this is true of a majority of black offenders, perhaps Police need to be trained a little more about race relations, and psychology, to achieve more peaceable enforcement. I'm not racist, and I'm not saying all black people fit that description. But the source was a black guy in prison, in for drug distribution. Who interestingly had a degree from ASU, and saved enough $ from his career in drug sales, to pay for his children's college! I don't know what to think about that, except he said it was his last time down, and planned to do something legit when he got out. I can only pray he will!


STAY HOME AND DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR FAMILY ON SUNDAY. Right now the way I see Football, is that it’s a stupid little game where ball- less men are running around a field to catch a stupid little ball! And getting paid millions to do that!!