Robbers Jump Dad Trying To Buy Cell Phone, Must've Forgotten They Were In Texas

A Texas man came armed to buy a cell phone for his daughter.

Fort Worth, TX – A father of three shot and injured two attackers in front of his family on Easter weekend, after they beat and robbed him when he showed up to purchase an iPhone they had advertised on Facebook Marketplace.

Roberto Rodriguez wanted to buy an iPhone for his 11-year-old daughter, and thought he landed a good deal when he saw someone had one for sale for $175 on Facebook on Apr. 1, the Star-Telegram reported.

After he contacted the seller, Rodriguez took his wife and children to an apartment complex at approximately 8 p.m. to complete the transaction.

When they arrived at the designated meeting area, Rodriguez got out of his SUV and went to speak with Otis Lenoie, 18, who was waiting for him in the parking lot.

Suddenly, Lenoie and three other men swarmed him, and began savagely beating him as his family watched from inside the vehicle.

“I’m pretty sure their plan was to rob me completely,” Rodriguez told the Star-Telegram. “Like steal my SUV and my wallet.”

The men dragged him to the rear portion of his vehicle, but he was able to crawl back to his driver’s door, where he had stowed “a cheap little Hi-Point .380,” Rodriguez said.

He grabbed the gun, and fired between five and seven rounds as he continued to fight off his attackers.

Two of the assailants were shot during the altercation. Rodriguez’s wife, Fernanda, also stabbed at the men with a 12-inch screwdriver she had inside the SUV.

The couple was able to fight of the attackers, and their children were uninjured during the melee.

“My 11-year-old was screaming,” Rodriguez recalled. “She was shaking for hours after that. She thought we were going to die.”

Two adult males were taken to a local hospital after the shooting, the Star-Telegram reported.

One of the men was 19-year-old Kueston Howard.

On Apr. 11, police arrested Lenoie. Arrest warrants for three other individuals have also been issued.

After police seized his firearm and screwdriver as evidence, Rodriguez quickly purchased a new handgun, he said.

"I'm so thankful for the Second Amendment," he told the Star-Telegram.

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Moral to the story here is this. Dont go meet shady people selling iphones in fb. Second if u do better have 40 or 45 not a 380.

  1. Do the transaction in a crowded public area. Inside a Mall or town center. Not some skells
    Apt. And f its too good to be true it most likely is.
    People have to use their commonsense.

Moral of the story is you can use anything as a weapon to defend yourself against violence!


Moral of this story, keep your sidearm at your side. An when choosing a weapon remember, if it ain't a .45 you are trying to hurt feelings, not bad guys.

Florence 1946
Florence 1946

People don’t go anywhere to buy things off the internet unless you have them meet you at a police department


Got to have a larger caliber firearm, huh? That's why so many men I see on the range with their big guns are all over the target instead of a nice tight pattern at center mass. Shoot what you can be most accurate with and take down the attacker, not what your ego dictates. You do know that shots from a .22 are also deadly since the slug tends to tear up stuff as it ping pongs around in your body....


Makes no difference on what you use, it's the ammo as well. .380 or .40 or whatever you use, let the ammo get inside and tumble. My everyday carry is Glock 42 with Critical Defense 90 grain flex tip ammo, pretty sure that will do the job if needed.