Richardson PD Officer Murdered, Suspect Still Shooting At Police

A Richardson Police Department officer was murdered Wednesday night.

Richardson, TX - A Richardson police officer and a citizen were shot at the Breckinridge Point Apartments Wednesday night.

The officer was hit in the neck and has succumbed to his injuries, according to KDFW.

The incident started as a call of a disturbance at the apartment complex at around 7:30 p.m.

Officers arrived on scene to find a victim with gunshot wounds. The suspect then opened fire on the officers, hitting on in the neck.

The suspect is barricaded in the apartment complex and continues to randomly shoot at officers.

The fallen officer and suspect have not been identified.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the murdered hero.

UPDATE: Gunman in custody

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@bronx163 cops are soldiers?!? Not with those waistlines. Watch your mouth.


Its a endless war with shit bags of society. Cops need to take the gloves off. All this bs political correctness forced on the American police officer has society thinking cops are soft and wint do anything. Not to mention with all these dash cams body cams cops are secind guessing their lives over how their actions will be viewed. Policing is like making sauge. Everyone enjoys it till they show how its made. Its a full contact sport folks. Its not 20 minute Adam 12 tv episode where its hello how are you.
Cops have tondeal with the scum of the earth. Lowest of shit criminals. So you can go to work enjoy a night out in the town and enjoy that vacation.
American police officer is not just a cop. Hes now soldier on the domestic front against radical ahit bag islamic terrorists who wish to kill Americans and cops. The duties of a cop have doubled down.
Now they have to wonder is the guy they are stopping carring an ied automatic weapons and so on.
Tentions are high and stress factor is enormous.
Something has to be done about the animals smoking cops. President needs to get the congress to pass federal law attacking, injuring, killing a police officer punishable by death.


The citizen has also died. 😞


So, let me get this straight. The system you so support by loving the cops so much you know longer believe in and want to invoke "vigilante" justice. Is that about right?