Retired Police Chief Fatally Shot After Charging Officers With Knife

Holly Matkin

Retired Oakdale Police Chief Marty West's family said he had been struggling with mental health issues.

Fresno, CA – A former Oakdale police chief and 32-year veteran of the Fresno Police Department was fatally shot by Fresno officers on Monday, after he charged at them with a 12-inch knife.

Retired Oakdale Police Chief Marty West, 63, had been struggling with “mental health issues” for the past several months, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said during a press conference.

West had also served on the Fresno Police Department for 32 years before he retired at the rank of captain in 2007, The Fresno Bee reported.

“He’s been a longtime friend of mine,” Chief Dyer said during the press conference. The men were also relatives.

West had commanded the agency’s northeast district prior to his retirement, and some of the officers who responded to the scene after he was shot had served under his command, Chief Dyer said.

The incident began at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 12, when West’s wife called Fresno police to report that her husband “had cut himself… had blood on his arms, and he was trying to kill himself,” according to Chief Dyer.

A Fresno police corporal and a trainee officer with three months on the job responded to the couple’s home and met with the woman outside before they proceeded to the front door of the house.

West’s wife told them that he was still armed with a large knife when she last saw him.

As the officers went to the front door and opened it, they saw West standing in a “pool of blood” inside the doorway, Chief Dyer explained.

The former police chief “immediately” jumped up with the knife in his hand, and “charged out of the front door at both of the officers,” Chief Dyer said.

The corporal discharged his Taser, but it had “little to no effect” because one of the darts hit the retired chief in the belt, he explained.

West, who had a large knife wound to the left side of his neck, continued to charge at the officers with the blade held in front of him, and was within several feet of the trainee officer, who then fired two rounds.

“These officers had absolutely no other choice but to not only use the Taser, but when the Taser failed, to utilize the firearm,” Chief Dyer said.

“Both of them were absolutely shocked and surprised when the door opened and Marty came charging out, covered in blood, armed with a knife, and was within a few feet of the officers,” he added.

Despite the lifesaving efforts of both officers and emergency medical personnel, the former police chief died at the scene.

West joined the Fresno Police Department when he was 19 years old, The Fresno Bee reported.

During the three decades that followed, he served as a patrol officer, night shift detective, field training officer, internal affairs investigator, and field supervisor.

He was promoted to the rank of captain in 1994, and thereafter commanded the Central and Northeast Districts. He also established the agency’s Citizens on Patrol Program and the Help Eliminate Auto Theft team.

Following his retirement, Chief West served as the top cop for the Oakdale Police Department for five additional years, before retiring in March of 2012, The Fresno Bee reported.

“He was always a very in-control guy,” former Oakdale Mayor Farrell Jackson told the paper. “He was a great chief… everyone spoke highly of him.”

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said West was “an excellent chief and a good friend. I truly enjoyed working with him.”

“This incident is both heartbreaking and tragic,” Sheriff Christianson continued. “Once again, we see the devastating effects of mental illness and realize that we need to continue expanding services and treatment for those who need help.”

Chief Dyer said that West’s family members had tried to get him help for his recent mental health issues, and that they had removed all of the firearms from his home.

His wife and neighbors did everything they could think of to help him, Chief Dyer said.

“Everyone has tried to reach out and do everything they can for Marty and unfortunately – for whatever reason today – he decided to take his life,” the chief explained. “It’s hard to understand.”

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It's hard for me to respond to a story like this. The Chief is dead and a young officer will now how to live with knowing he took a life...of a fellow police officer. And once again the Taser proves to be a totally ineffective weapon.

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Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

I am glad Marty didn't use a gun. I wonder whether the police came and took away all his guns when Marty started to show signs of mental illness. Usually the safest time to snatch the guns away is 5 am in the morning because there is an element of surprise when the ram hits the door and the flashbangs go POP-POP-POP all over the living room and kitchen. The dynamic entry and cuffing can be so quick that even if the gun owner has PTSD, there is no time for a PTSD episode before the gunowner is hogtied and his guns are locked away in the mobile evidence locker for safekeeping until the gunowner proves she is sane enough to be trusted with guns again.


Sorry but you never bring a taser to a knife fight that's just stupid


Firstly condolences to the family, the department, and those officers. Such a tragic and sad situation.

They say police profile the people they shoot. This was a White Male, presumably in a good neighborhood, who had been a cop for 30 years, and they still shot him. Doesn't bode well for the narrative that gets shared in the media, almost as if officers do only shoot in self-defense or threat to safety situations. Where are the riots for this man who didn't have a gun? Oh wait this doesn't fit their story, so it'll be ignored.

(this comment is about the bias of the media, and police hate groups).


This is the stuff of nightmares--For everyone involved and from every possible angle.


Condolences to the family and friends of the officer! God Speed Chief. God Speed!


My God, can "Burgers Allday" really be that ignorant? Tearing up a home or using a dynamic entry to remove firearms for safety reasons? I usually don't comment on his moronic statements but his ability to continually make stupid comments is incredible! He is proof that an aborted fetus can live!


sad why dint shoot his leg or less fatal spot sorry it not fare to judge


Damn Chief, I’m sorry you had to struggle with the issues. Condolences to the family as well as the fellow officers. It always happens to the best of us. But yet, the criminals live long useless non contributing lives.