Retired LA County Deputy Shot Twice From Outside His Apartment

A retired Los Angeles County deputy was shot twice on Thursday.

​Los Angeles, CA - A retired deputy sheriff living in Redondo Beach was shot early Thursday morning when he responded to a knock at his front door.

Redondo Beach police officers answered a call for a report of shots fired at the home of retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Turner at about 12:30 a.m. in his apartment building, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Turner, 75, told investigators that the gunman came to his home and knocked.

When he responded to the knock without opening the door, the person asked if a specific person lived in the home.

Turner replied "No," and the suspect opened fire on him through the apartment’s door and window, Redondo Beach Police Lieutenant Shawn Freeman told KTLA.

Police said Turner was hit in the wrist and the abdomen.

The suspect fled, and Turner called 911.

“He never went inside,” Redondo Beach Police Sergeant John Bruce said. “Just shot and ran.”

Sgt. Bruce said that Turner, who retired from the sheriff’s department in 1978, was undergoing emergency surgery, and was expected to recover.

Investigators are looking into whether the shooting was targeted.

“To get shot through your side window twice, in a completely random fashion, that’s pretty rare,” said Lt. Freeman.

“Generally speaking there is going to be some nexus, whatever it might be, whether it’s that the victim and the suspect knew each other, or there was a perceived transgression,” he said.

Brett Dean, who lives nearby, said he saw Turner taken away by the ambulance.

“His hand was all wrapped up. It looked like he was bleeding pretty heavily,” Dean said.

Detectives spent all day searching for leads on the suspect at Turner’s apartment complex.

Officers from neighboring police departments, including Torrance and Gardena, responded to assist in the investigation. Officials also used a drone and police K9s to search the area.

A prosecutor with the L.A. County district attorney’s office’s Crimes Against Peace Officers (CAPO) section was also called in to assist with the investigation.

Police described the suspect as a male who was about 5’5” tall, and possibly wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt.

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In most cases, (not always) if the shoote is a white person, it's usually stated. I don't care what his skin color is....only that the police catch the shooter.


Great description of the suspect. I wonder why the suspect race wasn't given?