Report: Deputy Was Served Contaminated Burritos At Taco Bell Drive-Thru

A Lee County Sheriff's detective was served burritos contaminated by something that smelled like bleach at a Taco Bell.

Lehigh Acres, FL – A law enforcement officer was served a burrito contaminated with something that smelled like bleach at a Taco Bell restaurant in Lehigh Acres on Sunday.

Lee County Sheriff’s Detective David Brown stopped at the drive-thru of the Taco Bell located 2714 Lee Boulevard to pick up a meal while he was on duty on Sept. 23.

Det. Brown bought four burritos, and began eating them as he drove to a call for service, WFTX reported.

He said he was shocked when he found that two of the burritos had a foul taste.

Det. Brown looked more closely at the food and the paper bag they came in and discovered the smell of bleach.

At that point, the detective, who has been a member of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for 11 years, said his tongue began to feel “numb and tingly.”

He then reported the incident to the sheriff’s department.

Caitlyn Mumma, the public information officer for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, told Blue Lives Matter that Det. Brown was doing “okay.”

“It’s an active investigation right now and we cannot comment any further,” Mumma said.

“We take food safety very seriously and are deeply appreciative of the men and women who serve and protect our communities and our country,” Taco Bell said in a statement to WFTX. “The franchisee that owns and operates this Lehigh Acres restaurant is investigating this matter.”

Blue Lives Matter tried to contact the Taco Bell franchise where the food tampering occurred for comment, but they were not answering their telephone on Wednesday afternoon.

As more incidents involving contaminated food served to officers have taken place all over the United States, law enforcement experts are advising officers not to use drive-thru lanes at fast food restaurants.

“If you can’t see your food being prepared, don’t purchase food while you’re on duty and in uniform. Or bring your food from home,” suggested retired Metro Transit Police Captain William Malone.

Malone said officers should park and go inside establishments to order their food, and whenever possible, watch while they’re making it.

“You have no idea how the guy behind that drive-thru speaker feels about law enforcement officers,” he warned. “But you do not want to be the recipient of something that they make up especially for the police.”

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I had a fellow officer that had his nachos spit in at a Taco Bell. He sued the restaurant and won a settlement. Police officers should not eat at these places when they are in uniform. A lot of the people that work at these places have been arrested and do not like police officers.


Sounds like they are making excuses for the assholes doing this .


Just another reason to replace these idiots with robots.


it's taco bell, anything and everything can happen to anyone eating there. Being sick as a dog is normal eating there.


Anyone who eats 4 burritos from Taco Bell deserves anything that happens to them.

They should be investigating this cops health and not Taco Bell.