Rep. Gosar Sends Coded 'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself' Tweets During Hearings

Sandy Malone

U.S. Representative Paul Gozar (R-Arizona) trolled Democrats on Twitter during the impeachment hearings on Wednesday.

Washington, DC – The phrase “Epstein didn’t kill himself” has appeared on social media in memes, on t-shirts, and stamped on a variety of consumer products, but now U.S. Representative Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) has hidden the phrase in a series of tweets during the first official day of the impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump.

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was facing countless charges for incidents with underage women in his various homes and on his private jet known as the “Lolita Express,” was found dead in his prison cell in a federal facility on Aug. 10.

However, the death of the billionaire closely associated with former President Bill Clinton was anything but clear cut.

Authorities said Epstein was found hanging from a noose fashioned from bedsheets, tied to the side of his bed, and after an initial delay, the medical examiner ruled the death a suicide.

But a highly-respected pathologist hired by the billionaire’s family to observe the autopsy said late in October that the medical evidence suggested homicide was far more likely than suicide in Epstein’s case.

Former New York City Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Baden told FOX News Epstein had two fractures on the left and right sides of his larynx, specifically the thyroid cartilage or Adam’s apple, as well as one fracture on the left hyoid bone above the Adam’s apple.

“Those three fractures are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation,” the former medical examiner said. “I’ve not seen in 50 years where that occurred in a suicidal hanging case.”

The famous forensic pathologist has examined more than 20,000 bodies during his career, and said too many questions remained to call Epstein’s death a suicide.

“I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide because there are multiple, three fractures in the hyoid bone thyroid cartilage that are very unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation, homicidal strangulation,” Baden told FOX News.

The doctor said “hanging does not cause these broken bones, and homicide does.”

He stopped short of blatantly calling the medical examiner’s ruling wrong.

“It appears that this could have been a mistake,” Baden said. “There’s evidence here of homicide that should be investigated, to see if it is or isn’t homicide.”

That, on top of the fact that Epstein was left alone in his cell, the surveillance cameras nearby stopped working at the time of his death, and the guards on duty claim to have been napping when he died, has inspired a justified conspiracy theory that has become a viral social media phenomenon.

Baden said that the combination of security failures was something that he had never seen in 50 years of investigating and called the scenario “extremely unlikely.”

The phrase “Epstein didn’t kill himself” has been popping up all over since the famous doctor expressed his opinion on the matter, and not just on the Internet.

It was said in interviews with college students attending rallies for President Trump in Alabama and stamped on the bottom of beer cans sold by Tactical Ops Brewing in Fresno, California, according to KMPH.

Now, a GOP representative from Arizona tweeted the phrase in coded tweets during the first day of the Democrat-labeled impeachment hearings.

Gosar buried his message in a series of tweets that purported to express his outrage over the attempted impeachment of President Trump.

When the first letters of every tweet Gosar posted on Wednesday were put together, his messages spelled “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

It all began with the letter “E.”

“Evidence of a link between foreign aid and political investigations simply does not exist. The longer this circus continues the clearer it becomes that @realDonaldTrump has done absolutely nothing wrong,” Gosar tweeted.

If you take the first word of each of the congressman’s tweets on Wednesday and put them together, their first letters spell the now-viral phrase.


After Gosar’s social media mischief was discovered, he maintained his satirical bent.

“What? Epstein didn’t kill himself?” the congressman tweeted.

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Love Love Love you put a great spin on this bs in Schiff land


No one sees a problem with this?? Partisan party politics is becoming the downfall of justice in the U.S..

"Cherrypicking" comments by the pathologist paid to support one partys concept doesn't add anything factual to the story. He called it homicide but "did not" call it criminal homicide. Homicide can be death caused by unnatural acts such as vehicular homicide. Thank you Dr. Humphrey Germaniuk for teaching this.

All being said it does stink to high heaven the "coincidences" that occurred.


It's quite obvious that the guards were involved in this murder. The next question is whether the warden was involved.