Read the time line, the Captain made the "perimeter" order 5 mins AFTER the 1st Deputy arrived on scene. So how many deputies were already on scene at 2:26:56 when "shots fired" were still being heard by on scene officers? If more than 1 deputy/officer was onscene at this time, they should have entered the building to try & stop the threat. Do I think one solo officer should have entered, no I dont (even if protocol), as you do need atleast 2 to provide each other cover and back up. I am not totally defending this Capt but the times listed in the article dont match up with claiming she stopped deputies from entering, sounds like she probably wasnt even on scene yet. Either way, todays agencies dont promote for good & proven job skills, they promote (most of the time) buddies, kiss asses, and those they owe favors too, and this is causing command decision issues when being a cop matters most!!