Rapper Who Sang At 'March For Our Lives' Was Arrested For Gun Offense

One of the performers at the anti-gun March for Our Lives is on probation for firearms violations.

Washington, DC – The entertainment organizers for the anti-gun March for Our Lives hired a rapper who was on probation for possessing a concealed gun.

Vic Mensa, who sang his song “Now We Could Be Free,” dedicated his performance to Stephon Clark, a convicted felon who was fatally shot a week before the march after he was caught breaking into cars and homes. He was shot after taking a shooting stance with a cell phone when facing off against Sacramento police.

He also dedicated the song Decynthia Clements, who was fatally shot when she lunged at officers with a knife after a long standoff with police.

Mensa also told the crowd his song was dedicated to “all the unarmed black men and women killed by police weapons," XXL Mag reported.

However, what the rapper failed to tell the crowd of gun control activists was that he had his own concealed-carry permit, and that he had been arrested in February of 2017 and charged with a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon after he tried to carry his gun in California with a concealed-carry permit from another state, TMZ reported.

The incident began when Mensa got stopped for a traffic violation in Beverly Hills and the weapon was found. He spent one night in jail and then was released on $35,000 bail.

He pleaded no contest to carrying a concealed firearm in his car in July of 2017, and was sentenced to two years’ probation, a $500 fine, and $1,325 in restitution, TMZ reported.

After his performance at the march, Mensa challenged rapper Killer Mike on Twitter to a debate after the other rapper spoke out against gun control and the planned march.

Killer Mike tweeted back and seemed to accept the challenge.

Rapper Common also performed at Saturday’s march, despite the fact that he’s been a vocal advocate for Joanne Chesimard, a convicted terrorist and cop-killer who has been on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted list since she escaped from prison in 1979.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was widely criticized for inviting Common to the White House in 2011 for an arts event during the same week that tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from across the nation were gathered in the nation’s capital to honor fallen heroes at National Police Week, WNBC reported.

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This march has nothing to do with gun control.
First the florida shooter went through a NICS background check at the gun store. Second he ourchased a legal firearm.
Third he used 10 round AR magazines.
Fourth, broward county dropped the ball not arresting him for menacing his brother last yr in a domestic, which is a must arrest. 5th. School never notified police or parents this savage brought live ammunition on school grounds. 6th schools in a gun free zone, but yet he entered the unlocked school doors and began his killing and last, the deputy pusssied out in engaging the evil savage. Took outside dept to enter the school because broward county was hidding behind police cars like cowards.

This march is about attacking a sitting President and conservative christians in America who elected President Trump.

These marching milenial bratts are the left wing brown shirts of the 21 century. Bashing their parents bashing society and blaming everyone but their school and sheriff israel for this slaughter of life.

And the shooter never used a bumpstock or hicapacity magazines.

They should be ashamed of themselves to politicize desths of their fellow students. And demonizing lawful gun owners is bs and illogical. They say NRA in fear mongoring. What do you calle it when they say NRA are racists and terrorists and want to kill people. They just have no legitimate ideals to bring to the table except to demonize another point of view. I say go back to class and shut the fuck up.


What a great role model for all those kids. Glad he is a gun owner. Now he just needs to follow the laws of whatever state he happens to find himself in.


A Mensa he's not.


Common, Killer Mike and Vic Mensa mentioned on this website?! Momentous occasion. 3 top notch MCs, all with great messages.