Rapper Arrested After Bragging About Credit Card Fraud On Social Media

Federal prosecutors charged 25-year-old Jonathan Woods in his scam to sell advice on how to steal credit cards.

Detroit, MI – Federal authorities busted a Detroit rapper who boasted about his credit card-stealing skills in his songs and on social media.

Jonathan Woods, better known as “Selfmade Kash,” wore a gold credit card on a chain around his neck and frequently posted pictures and videos on social media that showed him with large amounts of cash, according to KNVX.

Woods also posted pictures and videos of himself with credit cards and credit card skimmers, bragging about his skill at committing credit card fraud.

The 25 year old had 36,000 followers on Instagram and offered to sell people information and advise them on how to steal credit cards, KNVX reported.

Woods often used emojis of credit cards and referred to himself as GOAT - Greatest of All Time - in his social media posts.

"He also includes emojis for credit cards and a goat to represent the 'greatest of all time' and hashtags such as #Bins, #Bitcoins, #cvv, #dumpswithpin, #ScamLikely and #swipegoat," according to court documents, WDIV reported.

Authorities said that Woods came up with a plan between May of 2017 and May of 2018 about how to make money by advising his Instagram followers on credit card fraud.

Police said Woods gave customers bank identification numbers to use, but the information was fake and many of the bank identification numbers didn’t exist, WDIV reported.

He had people pay him by interstate wire transfer for his alleged credit-card stealing expertise under the name “James Green.”

When he was arrested, Woods had credit card and debit card information belonging to other people in his cell phone, KNVX reported.

"Jonathan Woods claimed to be sophisticated at credit card fraud when, in fact, he is not,” prosecutors said in an indictment released on Thursday.

Federal authorities charged Woods with wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and possession of unauthorized access devices, according to KNVX.

If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

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No one ever said that Rappers were blessed with intelligence.


Do you have to be a rapper before you become a felon or a felon before you become a rapper??? Just wondering.....🤔


I thought rappers got a free pass.. Arrogant A-hole


His downfall: flashing all the money on social media.

Now you know damn well he would never come into that much money by having a legit job. Even if he saved all his birthday monies, there ain’t no way. But I’m sure that because he bought his mama a tv and some nice things, she’s probably playing “the dumb” card.