Rapist Gets No Prison, Released On Promise He'll Return To Mexico; He Doesn't

Francisco Carranza-Ramirez attacked the victim again just three days after Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps released him.

White Center, WA – A Washington judge released a convicted rapist from jail after he promised that he would return to Mexico, but he failed to follow through and allegedly attacked the wheelchair-bound victim again.

The latest attack occurred just three days after King County Superior Court Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps allowed convicted rapist Francisco Carranza-Ramirez to walk out of jail, KIRO reported.

The terrified victim said that King County prosecutors mishandled her case since the beginning.

"I asked for aggravated factors to be considered, which they told [me] they couldn't do,” she explained. “If the prosecutors had charged him appropriately and the judge had kept him locked up, he wouldn't have even had the chance to do this.”

Prosecutors didn’t even try to recommend a prison sentence, and instead suggested that Carranza-Ramirez serve time on probation for the rape.

His defense attorney told the judge that the 35-year-old convicted rapist just wanted to return to Mexico.

Phelps ultimately released Carranza-Ramirez with credit for nine months of time served on the condition that he provide her with proof that he had left the U.S.

He was also ordered to stay away from the victim for five years.

"I went out of the courtroom, just like, hysterically crying,” the stunned victim told KIRO. "It was really scary to me that the courts found it acceptable to trust a rapist to just get released and say what he says he's going to do.”

The victim, who is partially paralyzed, said she had never met Carranza-Ramirez before he raped her in September of 2018, The Seattle Times reported.

She said he struck up conversations with her on two occasions earlier that month, then followed her and her three-year-old son into her apartment on Sep. 24, KOMO reported.

The woman said she didn’t yell for help because she was concerned for her son’s safety due to her limited physical ability to protect him, according to court records.

He raped her inside her apartment, then disappeared for two days.

On Sep. 26, he showed up again as the woman and her son were outside getting their mail, and followed them back to their apartment.

Carranza-Ramirez proceeded to rape the helpless woman in her bedroom, but allowed her to use the bathroom at one point, according to The Seattle Times.

The victim used that opportunity to call 911, then tucked her cell phone into her wheelchair when she heard the attacker approaching.

According to court documents, the 911 operator heard the woman telling someone to “stop” and promising that she would “be quiet” as he raped her again.

Deputies forced entry into the victim’s apartment, and intervened while Carranza-Ramirez was still sexually assaulting her.

Carranza-Ramirez was supposed to leave Washington four days after his release, according to KIRO.

Two days after he walked out of jail, he allegedly violated the court’s no-contact order by watching the victim from afar.

“He was just at a distance…staring at me,” she said.

The woman called 911, but Carranza-Ramirez fled the area prior to their arrival, The Seattle Times reported.

The next day, the brazen suspect returned and attacked her as she and her son were out walking their dog.

During the assault, he knocked her out of her wheelchair, strangled her, and threatened to kill her, police said.

A passerby intervened, at which point Carranza-Ramirez fled the area yet again.

According to court documents, Carranza-Ramirez told the woman that killing her would “set him free,” KIRO reported.

The attack left her with a concussion and multiple cuts and bruises, according to The Seattle Times.

She also suffered a seizure as a result of the violent assault.

The woman has since been released from the hospital, and immediately moved out of the community for her own safety.

The convicted rapist is now back on the run, and has been charged with additional offenses of intimidating a witness, felony harassment, second-degree assault, and violation of a sexual assault protection order, KIRO reported.

“[The justice system] failed me,” the victim said. "I feel like the police did their job but the rest of the criminal justice system thoroughly let me down.”

Investigators said that they believe Carranza-Ramirez, who is homeless, is hiding somewhere in the White Center area.

"This suspect was just released from prison and is already not following conditions of his release by not only contacting the victim but seriously assaulting her and threatening to kill her," King County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Ryan Abbott told KOMO. "The detectives are extremely concerned for the victim's safety and want to get the suspect arrested as soon as possible. If you see this suspect please call 911 immediately."

It was unclear whether or not Carranza-Ramirez is in the United States legally.

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Are you fed up yet, America?


but he promised to return to mexico!!! I am completely shocked that this creature would attack his victim again!!! who could have seen this coming???


Appalling, like Ive said before they are coddling criminals & screwing over victims, this Judge & the prosecutors should all be held responsible for this victims additional injuries & mental anguish caused by the rapist due to their lack of action against him. And I love how the article states "it is unknown if he is in the country illegally" ofcourse he is, why else would the Judge tell him to return to Mexico?


A Message From Nicole Gaines-Phelps “All King County residents deserve Superior Court Judges with the integrity to put aside personal bias; the intellectual capacity to interpret and apply the law; and enough understanding of human nature to deliver justice with compassion.

With your vote, I will strive every day to be that Judge for you.”

This is her message on her page...Well Judge you apparently were talking to the criminals in this message cuz you showed no compassion to the wheelchair bound rape victim. You ma'am should step down! Pathetic!