Raiders' Trent Brown Target Of Lawsuit Alleging Threats, Beating Of Girlfriend

Tom Gantert

NFL player Trent Brown's girlfriend accused him of domestic violence and claimed he threatened to shoot her in the head.

Oakland, CA – The highest paid offensive lineman in National Football League (NFL) history has been accused of multiple acts of domestic violence by his girlfriend.

Diorra Marzette-Sanders filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court that accused the Oakland Raiders’ Trent Brown of slapping, punching, and choking her multiple times, ESPN reported.

Marzette-Sanders’ lawsuit said that she lived in fear for her life because of Brown’s attacks.

The lawsuit alleges that Marzette-Sanders and Brown began dating in March of 2017 and had a child together in January of 2019, according to ESPN.

The couple is not married.

According to the suit, Marzette-Sanders filed a police report in June of 2019 after Brown bruised her arm and slapped her, ESPN reported.

The lawsuit alleges that when she threatened to leave the professional football player and take their child with her, Brown threatened to kill her.

"I'll shoot yo a-- in the f--king head before you walk out that door with my son,” the lawsuit claims Brown told the mother of his child.

Brown then forced Marzette-Sanders to leave his house later in June, according to ESPN.

The lawsuit asks for a jury trial and seeks unspecified compensation, including punitive damages.

Marzette-Sanders’ attorney, Waukeen McCoy, told ESPN that his client had attempted to reach a settlement with Brown before filing the lawsuit.

"We reached out to Trent Brown last month to see if we can sit down and talk and resolve issues," McCoy said. "... We never got a positive response. That is what led to this filing."

McCoy said the offensive lineman has 30 days to respond to the civil complaint, ESPN reported.

Brown took to social media to deny the allegations in the lawsuit on Wednesday.

“I am aware that my ex-girlfriend has filed a civil suit against me,” Brown tweeted. “I deny the claims. They are false. I believe in the court system where I will clear my name. I will not be making any further comment at this time.”

Brown, 26, has played with three teams in his five seasons in the NFL, ESPN reported.

He became the highest paid offensive lineman in NFL history when he joined the raiders in March of 2019.

Brown has earned $18.8 million over his career, including $15.3 million this season, according to ESPN.

In the past, the Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, has said the team has a “zero tolerance policy” for domestic violence; however, Coach Jon Gruden was rather non-committal when asked what they planned to do about Brown.

"We're aware of it and we're looking into it. I'm not going to say anything else other than, we're aware of it,” Gruden told ESPN.

Brown could be subject to league discipline under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

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Money grabber or legitimate complaint? I hope she has proof or it's just one word against the other.

No. 1-4

Why no charges


So stupid

  1. if my wife, girlfriend, or baby's momma threatened to take my son away from me and make it to where I would never see him again, I might have the same response.

  2. if a crime occurred, than criminal charges are warranted; making it a civil suit (where the burden of proof is lower) instead makes it appear to be a money grab, where the relationship ended poorly, and but his ex wants to be able to maintain the lifestyle she had when she was dating him.

  3. While I agree that there should be a zero tolerance for domestic violence, permitting discipline based on an allegation, one with no witnesses or proof, opens all public athletes up to extortion. an ex gf or ex wife whose relationship ended poorly can say "if you don't give me millions, I'm going to publicly accuse you of abuse, end your career, and now you have to decide if you want to have a future multimillion dollar career or not," all with no actual evidence of wrongdoing ever having been committed.

And no, a bruise from an unknown source and a police report is not evidence of wrongdoing by the player.