Quote: " she tried to break it off, but nobody expected what happened next."

Anyone aware of the realities of black-white interracial dating would not be surprised. It happens quite often. White women in intimate relationships with black men are often murdered. But none dare mention this or warn young white women of these potential dangers.

In fact, the reverse is true. Depictions of happy interracial intimate relationships are constantly pushed in the media, So like babes in the woods, naive white women enter into them and often will ignore red flags about their partner for fear of being "racist" until it is too late.

Interesting that the freely available mug shot of the perp was omitted from Sandy Malone's article. I wonder why?

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Funny, an extensive study on women killed by men in the year 2013 says much different. (Google vpc.org's report, "When Men Kill Women" if you'd like to follow along; this site won't let me include the hyperlink)

Of note specific to your claim, on page 4 it reads " Eighty-seven percent (1,392 out of 1,596) of the homicides where the race of the female victim and male offender were known were intra-racial."

Now, you might take that to mean that just because the offender and victim knew each other and were the same race doesn't mean they were intimate. Fair point.

On page 5, it reads "Of victims who knew their offenders, 62 percent (895 out of 1,438) were wives, common-law wives, ex-wives, or girlfriends of the offenders."

Are you saying that out of the 895 women that were murdered by their significant others, most of those were a black man murdering a white woman? Because that's what it looks like you said. Sorry. I, and more importantly this report, don't believe you.

Admittedly this is only for the year or 2013, but I wouldn't expect any drastic changes in these stats in as little as 5 years up until now. But with those statements, are you sure your feelings match the facts? Or are you just airing out your frustration at interracial relationships and personal inadequacy?


and to not end on such a sour note, i'll also take a look at any unbiased data you have to back up your claim.


You need to learn what intraracial means. (Of the same race)

I was talking about interracial(different races) black/white intimate relationships. Specifically a black man and a white woman.

There was a sociological study done on interracial spousal homicide a while back, done before the subject became taboo in academic circles because it conflicted with the Liberal Narrative, where it was found that white women married to black men were 12 times more likely to be murdered as white women married to black men.

Often times it is not only dangerous to the woman but also to her children and parents as well

In nonspousal relationships, it is probably even higher.


@DieselDawg I'm fully aware what intra-racial means. Were you not able to follow my conclusion that the vast, vast majority of relationship murders are caused by the same race? We kill who we are mostly around, that's humans in general.

And if you're talking about the study from the mid-80s, its dubiousness has been called into question many, many times since it was written. Do you happen to have any recent references?

Christopher Berg
Christopher Berg


@DieselDawg, what you are communicating here is that it's unimportant that this man was a fraudster, extortionist, at least attempted child rapist, and eventually a killer, but what really matters is that he was black.

When you say things like, "White women in intimate relationships with black men are often murdered," what you're communicating is that either black men are predisposed to killing their partners, or dating a white women makes black men fly into a murderous rage.

When you say "Depictions of happy interracial intimate relationships are constantly pushed in the media" you are communicating that there is actually no such thing as a happy white woman married to a black man, and it only exists in the fantasy realm of the media.

You're communicating that only white women who would ever enter into and remain in a relationship with a black man is a cowardly liberal, afraid of being accused of being racist, because they are the only ones who don't share your worldview.

Unfortunately, your worldview is extremely racially prejudiced against black men, specifically when it comes to being in a relationship with white women.

We have extremely light moderation on our website, but the site is not a platform for you to spread racial bias.

If you feel compelled to warn white women about the black boogeyman, please do it somewhere else, or not at all). Any more posts based around racial bias may result in your posting privileges being removed.