Quote: Detroit business owner Branden Turner told WXYZ that he didn’t believe a K9’s life should be valued at the same level as a human being’s.

Couldn't agree more. Any dog's life is worth far more than the life of some people. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity or religion or any of that. Some people are just scum.

Gray's willingness to pull the trigger on the dog exhibits a lack of respect for life that could easily translate to human life - particularly human life in a uniform. For that reason alone, the police were completely justified in meeting deadly force with deadly force.

I marvel at the way liberals continually tie themselves in philosophical knots. If a cop investigating a dog-fighting ring shoots a dog that's been sicced on him, he's unfit to serve because he killed a defenseless animal; but an armed and fleeing suspect is an innocent victim.

If the cop shoots the SOB who's running a dog-fighting ring, liberals have to decide whether he's a hero for saving the dogs or a cold blooded killer. That decision is heavily dependent upon the politics and ethnicity of the SOB. You can't make any judgements about my personal views for making that observation, because it's nothing more than an observation of facts that anyone can verify by comparing news reports.

You know what I'm talking about. Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist because Dr. Ford is 'believable.' Hillary believes Dr. Ford because we need to believe women when they claim to be victims, but Juanita Broaddrick is lying about what Bill did to her.

The cases of double, triple, and quadruple standards number in the thousands per year. The prospect of a full-out race war in this country is as terrifying as it is unfounded.

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