Pursuit Terminated On Cop-Killer 10 Days Before He Murdered Officer Gannon

The man who murdered Yarmouth officer Sean Gannon had fled from police 10 days earlier.

Cape Cod, MA – Massachusetts State Police tried to stop Thomas Latanowich for a traffic violation 10 days before he murdered Yarmouth Police Officer Sean Gannon.

WBZ-TV reported that the soon-to-be cop killer would not stop for state police who tried to pull him over for driving in the emergency lane on northbound Route 1 at about 4:30 p.m. on April 3.

Latanowich, who was driving a vehicle registered to his father at the time, did not stop when police tried to pull him over, according to WCVB.

“The vehicle did not stop and immediately exited the highway into a residential neighborhood along the Revere/Everett line,” state police told WBZ. “Because of the vehicle immediately getting off the highway into a thickly settled area, and also because of weather affecting road conditions [rain], we did not pursue.”

State troopers found the bumper of the car Latanowich was driving at the entrance to the Glenwood Cemetery in Everett, and they were able to follow his path of destruction through the property, which left fences knocked over.

A police K9 attempted to track Latanowich but was not successful.

WBZ reported that dispatchers realized the suspect was a dangerous individual and warned police to use caution because of his violent criminal record.

“Broadcast it to local police departments to BOLO for the subject. Again use extreme caution, knives and guns and drugs on the BOP, also active probation,” Massachusetts State Police said in the announcement to be on the lookout for Latanowich.

Latanowich had 111 entries on his criminal record, including several arrests that included dangerous weapons.

In 2010, he was convicted of carrying a double edge switchblade, assault with a dangerous weapon, and gun possession including a high-capacity feeding device, WBZ reported.

Police have said that the warrant Officer Gannon was serving on Latanowich when he was fatally shot, and his K9 Nero was wounded, had not yet been issued when police encountered his killer the week before. The suspect did not have any outstanding warrants at that time, WCVB reported.

Officer Gannon and K9 Nero were assisting with serving an arrest warrant for Latanowich’s probation violations at his residence in Marston Mills when they were shot on April 12.

Officer Gannon, 32, was fatally shot in the head. The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) said that Officer Gannon’s K9 partner was also seriously injured, the Boston Herald reported.

The suspect barricaded himself inside the residence immediately after he shot Officer Gannon, and then a gunfight ensued with police, Time reported.

An armored tactical vehicle was used to gain entry to the home and take the suspect into custody.

Officer Gannon died at Cape Cop Hospital. His partner, K9 Nero, survived the attack with serious injuries. He was continuing to recover at a veterinary hospital.

Yarmouth Police Lieutenant Steven Xiarhos called Latanowich a "notorious and violent criminal" when he was arrested for stabbing a man who had just gotten out of prison in December of 2017.

The Boston Globe reported that Latanowich had been arrested in Cape Cod once a year for the past four years, with a result of more than 20 cases with his name on them in the Barnstable District Court alone.

He was found not guilty by judges twice, once had charges dropped when the victim invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, and had most other charges dismissed, the Boston Globe reported after conducting a review of Latanowich’s record.

Latanowich pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on April 13, and was ordered held without bail. His probation had been scheduled to end Nov. 1, according to WBZ.

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Looks like the justice system failed all the way around on this guy.


Perhaps the judges who found him "not guilty" would like to serve some time in prison with him for his latest offenses. It's the only way these moron judges will learn to truly enforce the laws & stop being pussies when it comes to violent criminals or criminals with lengthy records who never should be released.


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Brought in alive?

That is qwhite interesting.


I agree that some recourse should be brought against the judges. The father should be held and charged for letting him use his car.


The Libs/Dems want more of these people released from jails in the name of "criminal justice reform". I say more people need to be in jail and for longer terms and less perks while in jail! No thanks Senator Cory Booker D-NJ).