Punk Band NOFX Jokes About Country Fans Getting Murdered At Las Vegas Concert

While onstage at a Las Vegas music festival, members of NOFX joked about the murder victims from the mass shooting.

Las Vegas, NV – Veteran punk rock band NOFX has lost both a sponsor and performance opportunities, after the band members joked onstage about the Oct. 1, 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting that left 58 concertgoers dead, and injured 700 more.

The band’s tasteless jab occurred on May 27, while they were performing at the Punk Rock Bowling music festival in Las Vegas, Billboard reported.

“We played a song about Muslims and we didn’t get shot. Hooray,” NOFX front man Fat Mike told the crowd.

“I guess you only get shot in Vegas if you are in a country band,” guitarist Eric Melvin noted.

“I mean, that sucked. But least they were country fans and not punk rock fans,” Fat Mike replied, as the crowd began to boo. “You were all thinking it!”

Backlash over the offensive comments was immediate.

“In light of NOFX’s comments during their performance at the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, we would like to offer a formal apology to those in attendance, the city of Las Vegas, the victims and the families of 10/1,” Punk Rock Bowling founders Mark and Shawn Stern told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“We do not condone the statement made from our stage on Sunday night,” the founders added. “We take the safety of our festivalgoers seriously and want to relay that there is nothing funny about people being shot and murdered. Ever.”

By Wednesday, Stone Brewing announced that they were severing all of their dealings with NOFX.

“We at Stone Brewing are aware of NOFX’s insensitive and indefensible statements this past weekend. As a result, we are severing all our ties with NOFX, including festival sponsorship and the production of our collaboration beer,” the company said in a statement, according to KTNV.

Stone Brewing noted that punk rock represents “standing up for things you believe in,” and a commitment to doing what is right.

“It is for that reason that Stone Brewing is immediately disassociating ourselves from the band NOFX,” the company said. “Stone had a sponsorship deal for this summer’s Punk in Drublic festivals. Emphasis 'had.' That sponsorship is now canceled.”

Stone Brewing said that NOFX would not receive any proceeds from the sale of the collaboration brew, and that no more would be produced.

“Nevertheless, to try our best to make some good come out of these awful comments, we have decided that we will donate all profits of the beer to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation, which provides post Route 91 trauma counseling for officers and other first responders alongside other safety programs, training and funding,” the company said.

On Thursday, organizers of the upcoming Camp Punk in Drublic music festival in Thornville, Ohio also cut ties with NOFX.

Not only will the band not be performing, but the organizers also cut Fat Mike’s other band, Me First and the Gimme Gimmies, from the lineup, according to the festival’s Facebook page.

“While NOFX is known for their dark, uncomfortable humor, the festival producers of Camp Punk in Drublic are shocked and disappointed by the band’s recent statements about the Route 91 Harvest Festival victims and country music fans,” the festival’s organizers said in a statement, according to Pitchfork. “These statements do not reflect the feelings or views of the Camp Punk in Drublic festival, its staff, or its sponsors.”

The festival said they also planned to make a donation to “a fund benefiting those affected by the 2017 tragedy.”

The band issued a statement on their social media accounts on Thursday, and said they would be preparing a formal, extensive apology.

“I can’t sleep, no one in my band can,” the post read. “What we said in Vegas was s----y and insensitive and we are all embarrassed by our remarks. So we decided we will all get together to discuss and write an in depth, sincere, and honest apology because that’s what the people we offended and hurt deserve.”

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Well considering their own fans didn't like his attempt at a joke it doesn't seem inappropriate for their sponsors to react the way they did. It was a pretty stupid joke. Now , I actually have family that was at the Route 91 Mass Murder. That's what it was Mass Murder with such powerful weapons that the wounds were the same as what are seen in War. A quote from a Military surgeon that had to be flown in to handle the wounds. Shredded flesh, explosive exit and entry wounds ,violence that everyday people don't see. My family member held a bleeding woman hiding behind table ,a glance to their side grabbing at a man to help him get to cover and his head exploded from a shot ( they guessed it was a shot at the time, not ever seeing a gun fired on people ) My family member opened their home in Vegas to strangers who couldn't get to their cars, to their stuff ( in a crime scene),weren't well enough to fly home. This man who thought Route 91 was an appropriate event for a joke while he's on a stage in Las Vegas is a possible man/boy like a 12 year old ,no concept of empathy, of the reality of events or what it means to have a crazy dude shoot up your family and friends while you enjoy music, whatever kind of music. It was just a stupid thing to say, cause ultimately all large venues are a target these days ,he just hasn't learned that yet? Route 91 is no joke


Never heard of them


How in the world in the first place would you think that saying this would be OK!!! They are only apologizing because they are losing sponsors and gigs...Assholes!!!


Really? After all the times I've seen you reply to our friend LCD, you think I'm a troll for stating the obivious? You just lump your two cents right there with the rest of them. Thank god we live in a country where it's your right to make yourself look like a fool.