Protesters Swarm After Cops Shoot Armed Gang Member Involved In Shooting 2 Men

Patrick "Pat Pat" Kimmons, a convicted felon and known gang member, was fatally shot by police on Sunday.

Portland, OR – Protesters are expressing their outrage over the fatal police shooting of a documented Crip gang member on Sunday after he was involved in the shooting of 2 men in downtown Portland.

Portland officers from the Central Precinct and the Gang Enforcement Team were patrolling the downtown entertainment district when they heard sounds of gunfire just after 3 a.m. on Sept. 30, according to The Oregonian.

Portland Police Department Spokesperson Officer Natasha Haunsperger said the officers “engaged” the gunman near Harvey Milk Street and Southwest Third Avenue, and confirmed that the shooter was killed during the altercation.

The gunman was identified by family and friends as 27-year-old Patrick “Pat Pat” Kimmons, The Oregonian reported.

Police recovered the suspect's handgun at the scene, Officer Haunsperger said.

According to police, Kimmons was involved in shooting two people prior to the police shooting.

A black Chevrolet Camaro dropped two gunshot victims off at the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center later in the morning.

One of the victims had been hit in the chest, and was taken into surgery.

Investigators confirmed they will be looking into both a citizen-on-citizen shooting and an officer-involved shooting.

Police said they will not release the identity of the gunman or the involved officers until Monday. Nothing has been released as of 8 a.m. Monday morning.

Kimmons had previously been convicted of witness tampering in 2010, The Oregonian reported.

In 2011, he was convicted of possession of a firearm and delivery of cocaine.

Although he was court-ordered to stay away from gangs and gang activity as a condition of his sentence for his prior crimes, he and four other documented Crip gang members were arrested in 2013, following a report of multiple shots fired near the Grand Café, KATU reported.

Officers stopped the vehicle Kimmons and his cohorts were riding in, and recovered a handgun from inside the car.

No one was injured during that shooting, and Kimmons was arrested for violation of his probation.

In April of 2014, Kimmons was the victim of a gang-related shooting, The Oregonian reported.

According to social media posts, Kimmons is a father to three or four children.

As news of Kimmons’ death spread, demonstrators flocked to the scene with “Black Lives Matter” signs and chanted the gunman’s name.

“Today Portland police killed another black man,” one protester tweeted.

“Family and friends of Patrick Kimmons [who was killed by Portland cops last night], joined by Don’t Shoot PDX and the Portland community, are holding space and building a memorial at SW 4th and Oak,” the Rose City Antifa group said in a Facebook post.

“Please join us, bring flowers, candles and signs. Show your love and solidarity, hold space against the murderous Portland Police,” the post read.

While officers were taking down crime scene tape early Sunday night, approximately 25 people yelled and shouted at them before they followed the officers away from the intersection, The Oregonian reported.

“Say His Name! Patrick Kimmons!” they chanted.

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Well, good ole Pat Pat won't be terrorizing the neighborhood anymore, will he? The reaction to his death demonstrates why Black Lives Matter has become a joke. Portraying this criminal as a family man is laughable. His criminal history says everything we need to know about ole Pat Pat's lifestyle. The fact people are supporting this thug also says everything we need to know about his friends. Bye, bye Pat Pat.


Justice was served on ol Pat and I for one am damn glad it was. Good job police.


“Please join us, bring flowers, candles and signs. Show your love and solidarity, hold space against the murderous Portland Police,” A family man. A good man. A black man" . .....but most importantly a gang member shooter with a gun fleeing from Police.

These people are well beyond deranged to celebrate any gang member as anything resembling a "family man". The scrambled logic typically used in the black community is diseased to celebrate scum like Pat. He repeatedly gambled ,ultimately lost, game over. He got his justice.


Just another good family man on his way to church after his gang popped a cap in a couple bro`s down the block. Bye bye Pat Pat.


WTF...a good family man??????? Give me a break! Praying that Jesus returns to this earth soon! What a bunch of stupid a$$es!!!!!!