Prosecutor: Stormy Daniels Slapping Cops With Boobs Not Illegal, Drops Charges

The prosecutor has determined that the Ohio Stripper Law does not apply to this particular guest stripper.

Columbus, OH – Charges against the stripper who claimed she had an affair with President Donald Trump were dropped after prosecutors determined that she was exempt from the law due to a legal loophole.

Stephanie Clifford, who strips by the name of Stormy Daniels, was performing a show as part of her “Make American Horny Again” tour at the adult entertainment club Sirens when she was alleged to have touched three different police officers in an illegal manner, according to WCMH.

Court documents said Clifford forced patrons' faces into her breasts and used her bare breasts to smack patrons during her performance, WCMH reported.

Clifford also fondled the breasts and buttocks of female patrons in the strip club, including a female police officer, according to the probable cause affidavit filed with the Franklin County court early on Thursday morning.

An Ohio law passed in 2007, known as the "Ohio Stripper Bill,” instituted a no-touch rule between strippers and club patrons. The law prohibited nude, or partially nude, dancers from touching customers, and vice versa, FOX News reported.

However, the Ohio Revised Code that governs the behavior of strippers in adult clubs was meant only to apply to dancers who make repeated performances at the venue. The same rules don’t apply to guest strippers, according to the prosecutor.

“Defendant is charged with three violations of Illegal Sexual Oriented Activity in a Sexually Oriented Business… That statute states, in pertinent part, that ‘No person who regularly appears nude or seminude on the premises of a sexually oriented business, while on the premises of that sexually oriented business, while seminude, shall knowingly touch a patron,” Columbus Deputy Chief Prosecutor Joseph Gibson wrote in a motion to dismiss the charges against Clifford midday on Thursday.

Clifford’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, fired off a series of angry tweets early on July 12, that claimed that Clifford’s arrest was a setup and politically motivated.

But Columbus PD said in a press statement that Clifford was only one of three women arrested at the club on July 12 as part of a long-term investigation into allegations of human trafficking, prostitution, and other “vice related” violations.

Clifford sued President Trump and his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen earlier this year over a nondisclosure agreement that she signed in which she agreed to keep quiet about their alleged affair in 2006. She’s suing to be let out of the agreement.

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What I find funny is that 2 female officers and 1 male officer got motor boated by Stormy before she was arrested. I should have had such undercover duties when I was on the job. It took 3 contacts from Stormy's boobs on 3 officers before anyone could make a decision to arrest. You gotta love the perks of the job. And I am not saying that she didn't break the law. I just found it interesting that Stormy was released with no charges and other girls were still charged. By the way, did Stormy motorboat the officers first or did the other girls? Was Stormy being targeted? Ummm. O.k Sarge, who's got the handiwipes? I have all of that sweat from the other patrons left on Stormy's boobs that transferred to my face.


Stormy Daniels is a washed up porn star with a hack for an attorney who are just simply seeking media attention. If she didn't pull stunts like this she would fade back to the world of nothingness where she belongs. She and her attorney are nothing more then media whores.

fred bronson
fred bronson

i don't think a porcupine has as many quills sticking out as the whore stormy had dicks sticking in