Prosecutor Candidate Points Out Mosby Has 83% Conviction Failure Rate


Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's failures as a prosecutor were the focus of a campaign graphic Thursday.

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore City State’s Attorney candidate, defense attorney Ivan Bates, took a jab at incumbent Marilyn Mosby on Thursday, when he issued a campaign graphic that featured many of her failures as Baltimore’s top prosecutor.

The graphic appeared in a Tweet posted by The Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton.

“State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby likes to talk about numbers,” the image read. “But here are some numbers she doesn’t want you to know.”

Since Mosby came into office in 2015, there have been 38,104 violent crimes, to include 1,014 murders, 1,277 carjackings, and 23,303 burglaries, according to the graphic.

Her office secured convictions in only 17% of their trials, and over half of the prosecutors who worked for her have either quit or been fired, it read.

Fenton pointed out that the 17% figure doesn't include cases plead out or dropped.

The graphic also noted that the city of Baltimore experienced its “deadliest year” in history in 2017, all while Mosby was in office.

Mosby had not formally filed for re-election as of Thursday, according to The Baltimore Sun.

“I haven’t started a campaign nor hired a staff,” she said. “I’ve been focused on being state’s attorney.”

According to the campaign graphic, Mosby has raised $329,744 from 953 campaign donors thus far, but only 58 percent of her contributions have come from Baltimore donors.

On Thursday, Bates pointed out that 80 percent of his donations have been local.

“The broad-based support my campaign received across Baltimore City speaks to the fact that the residents of Baltimore are ready for change,” Bates told The Baltimore Sun. “With over 1,000 murders under the current administration, crime is clearly out of control, and right now the lack of leadership and disarray in the current state’s attorney’s office is part of the problem.”

Marilyn Mosby is known for being the prosecutor who charged six Baltimore officers for the death of Freddie Gray. Without waiting for an investigation to be completed, or reviewing all of the details of the case, she quickly brought charges on all officers involved in the arrest, and had them arrested when there was no apparent probable cause for their arrest.

All officers were later acquitted or had charges dropped when it was clear that Mosby lacked evidence that the officers had committed any crimes. Five of those officers are currently suing her.

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The bitch is incompetent and a blatant racist. Hopefully she will be destroyed financially & politically when she loses the outstanding law suits. She should be locked up for malfeasance & theft of service!


Not a chance she is ruined politically... her outside donations are pouring in because she is a "hero" of the left and Black Lives Matter. The reason she hasn't filed for re-election yet, is likely because she is considering a promotion. I would not be surprised to see her run for state or national House/Senate. Is the governor seat open? Mayor? She, sadly, has enough backing to move up... goes to show how crazy the left is at this point. They want another Kamala Harris or the next Maxine Waters... they have about three brain cells between the two of them.


Can you imagine being married to this bitch?


This Miss Thing needs to go hide under a rock where she belongs

Bill d
Bill d

There is the possibility she purposely doesn't do her job the right way as some kind of retaliation against what she thinks is injustice.


She is an angry little person who would rather prosecute cops and allow criminals to walk.