President Trump Recognizes 6 Dayton Officers Who Took Out Mass Killer

President Donald Trump stopped to take pictures with and thank first responders for their work after the shootings.

Dayton, OH – President Donald Trump made time on Wednesday to recognize the six heroic Dayton police officers who stopped the gunman’s killing spree in the Oregon District on Aug. 5.

The President and Melania Trump traveled to Dayton on Aug. 8 to offer support to victims and their families and meet with local leaders, ABC News reported.

The Trumps visited Miami Valley Hospital and talked with the staff and patients, but most of his visit was conducted outside the view of the press.

One of his stops was to thank first responders who were on the scene of the tragic shooting spree, WRGT reported.

President Trump met and posed for pictures with the six Dayton police officers who have been credited with stopping the shooter before more lives were lost.

The 24-year-old gunman was wearing a mask and body armor when he used a .223 rifle to open fire on a crowd in Dayton’s social district, according to WSB.

Officers were on patrol in the area and engaged the suspect in a gunfight less than a minute after he started shooting, according to Mayor Nan Whaley.

The officers killed the shooter in the gunfight.

"If the Dayton police had not gotten to the shooter in under a minute, hundreds of people in the Oregon District would be dead today," Mayor Whaley said.

Nine people were killed and 27 were wounded in the shooter's brief attack.

Surveillance video showed the moment officers stopped the shooter in his tracks as he was about to enter the bar where numerous people had fled.

One of the victims who was killed was the gunman’s little sister.

The gunman had driven into the city with his sister and another friend in the family’s 2007 Toyota Corolla for a night on the town, The Washington Post reported.

But once they arrived, the trio split up.

Megan Betts, 22, was one of the first to die when her brother began shooting, The Washington Post reported.

The companion who had ridden into Dayton with them was shot in the lower torso and was still in the hospital being treated, CNN reported.

Police on Sunday said they didn’t know if the gunman had targeted his sister and her friend, The Washington Post reported.

The gunman fired 41 rounds before he was neutralized by officers nearby the scene.

At least six police officers fired 58 rounds at the shooter less than a minute after his rampage began, The Washington Post reported. The gunman died at the scene.

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Well this should cause liberal heads to explode.


Wow, The Best President Ever! And God Bless those Cops: Romans 13!


This is why I voted for him. This is why I support him. The police will never a better ally. I hope he goes to El paso and honors the LEOs who rushed in, while victims fled out. I also hope he snubs the asshole mayor who says he isn't welcome there.


Ditto what Excalibr4 said, "this is why I voted for him".....I never remember in my 3 decades plus, of LE service, a President of the United States treating law enforcement so well! I have been a "D" since registering in to vote in 1979, but I can no longer support any of the "D" candidates, not when we have someone like President Trump who treats LE with respect, dignity, and honor! As Ronald Reagan once said, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, they left me!"


Never saw Obama do this, only incite more riots. Leftists will never get Trump. I'm glad we do and look forward to the next 4 years of him.