President Trump Just Nominated His Own Picks To 9th Circuit, Breaking Tradition

President Donald Trump has nominated three conservative judges to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Washington, DC – After months of unsuccessful negotiations with California Democratic Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein, President Donald Trump moved ahead without their support, and nominated three conservative judges to the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

On Wednesday night, the White House announced that President Trump nominated Kenneth Kiyul Lee, Daniel Collins, and Patrick Bumatay to the circuit court, FOX News reported.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals covers the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, and California, according to the government’s website.

It is the same court that has ruled against the President’s travel ban and the limits on funding for “sanctuary cities,” FOX News reported.

The President’s nominations came after months of negotiations with Senators Harris and Feinstein – negotiations that never produced a consensus.

"We have spent nearly two years attempting to engage constructively with the Senators regarding the growing number of judicial vacancies tied to California," White House Counsel Don McGahn said in a letter to Chairman Chuck Grassley on Oct. 10, according to CNN.

McGahn noted that he met with Feinstein on “multiple occasions,” and said that “Senator Harris has refused to engage with the White House at any level, whatsoever on the issue,” according to the letter.

Consequently, the President opted to “exercise his prerogative to nominate his own well-qualified nominees,” McGahn wrote.

Feinstein immediately blasted the President for making the nominations without her permission.

“The White House moved forward without consulting me," she said in a news release, according to CNN.

Feinstein expressed outrage that she had already told McGahn she did not approve of Collins and Lee, and said she provided him a list of three nominations she recommended earlier this month.

"The decision to move forward with these nominees without consultation…reflects President Trump's desire to remake the court,” she said.

Historically, presidents have collaborated with home state senators when selecting who to nominate to federal judgeship positions, and traditionally have agreed not to nominate those who are not approved up by the home state senators, The Sacramento Bee reported.

But that is a courtesy – not a requirement – and the President acted within his power when he nominated the three attorneys.

As outlined in the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, the Senate will conduct confirmation hearings before any of President Trump’s nominees are appointed.

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I spent most of my working life bound up by the rulings in the 9th Circuit. I'll watch with interest the confirmation hearings. This will be a change for the better.


Golly, do we see another kangaroo court with the Dems on these nominees also? Feinstein needs to be put to pasture. California wake up, vote her out. She along with Jerry Brown are killing your state with their stupidity.


Thank you President Trump!!!!!


Let's see how long the Senate (Democrats) drag out the confirmation hearings on these three nominations.


The 9th circuit is way to large to begin with. It need to be broken into thirds. Right now it is set up as a super circuit which is wielding far to much influence over the judiciary. This tradition date back to when the State legislatures and Governors chose the Senators. It was a matter of State rights and now that the Senators are nothing but a super House Of Representatives elected by popular vote the consultations to the Senators should be limited. Senators may recommend but the decision by the constitution belongs to the president to nominate.