Superintendent Threatens To Sue After PD Assigns More Cops To Protect Schools

A school superintendent expressed outrage after the mayor and police chief sent two new SROs at no cost to the district.

Portage, IN A school district superintended threatened city officials and the Portage Police Department with legal action on Wednesday, after the department and mayor sent two additional school resource officers to help patrol local schools at no cost to the district.

"Neither have the right, Portage Township School Superintendent Amanda Alaniz told The Times of Northwest Indiana. How dare he and the mayor override our larger plan?

The disagreement over school security measures amped up on Wednesday, when Portage Police Chief Troy Williams assigned two officers to the schools in addition to the two school resource officers that had worked in the district in the past.

But when the new officers arrived at Fegely Middle School and Portage High School West, school officials sent them away.

Undeterred, the officers simply stationed themselves out in the parking lots.

Chief Williams sent them back to the schools on Thursday and Friday, but they received the same treatment and spent their days outside.

"You can't say you are committed to safe schools when you refuse free officers," Chief Williams told The Times on Friday.

Alaniz blasted Chief Williams and Portage Mayor James Snyder for assigning the officers to the schools, and said she specifically asked them not to send police before the new academic year began on Wednesday.

"Saying that we are not caring for our students is unspeakable," Alaniz told The Times. "The problem is they want it their way. They have made it clear that they don't want any other agency in the schools except Portage."

Alaniz argued that the additional officers were not a part of the districts comprehensive school safety program, and that their presence had not been approved of by the school board.

Chief Williams and Snyder first announced their plan to assign two new school resource officers to the district back in May, following the school shooting in Noblesville, Indiana.

The two officers who had already been working in the school would remain there, the chief and mayor said.

Approximately one month later, Alaniz announced that the school district instead planned to hire part-time SROs from a pool of police officers from multiple jurisdictions, and that it would no longer accept the services of the two full-time Portage SROs who had been working in the schools.

When the chief and mayor balked at the districts plan to cut the full-time SRO positions that had already been established, the district did an about-face, and agreed to let the two Portage officers remain.

The remaining positions would be filled by the part-time officers from various departments, she said.

Alaniz said the city and police chief had overstepped by sending two additional officers to the schools without the boards approval.

"This letter serves as notification that Portage Township Schools expects the Portage Police Department and the city of Portage to adhere to the parameters outlined in our agreed-upon and board-approved school safety plan, she wrote in a letter to city officials on Wednesday. In the event that this does not occur, Portage Township Schools will take the necessary actions up to and including filing an injunction detailing the actions invading the legal right of the school district to carry out our necessary operations in regard to the board-approved SRO plan.

Furthermore, Portage Township Schools may possibly withhold payment for the assigned SROs and reconsider the finalization of the [Memorandum of Understanding] due to the violation of this state statute," Alaniz wrote.

She added that the district has hired 10 new SROs to fill the part-time positions.

According to Chief Williams, the school districts comprehensive approach to school safety and security boasted that they would have up to ten-plus SROs in the district at any given time, but that the statement was misleading, he wrote in a Facebook post.

Themulti-jurisdiction approach the corporation is taking is having our two full-time Portage Police officersand a pool of off-duty officers from other agenciesthat fill two positions per day for a total of four officers in the district at any given time, the chief explained in the post.

The preferred method for an SRO is a full-time person, but a part-time can be done. I must note that no one is saying the officers that are selected won't be good officers, its just different not having the same one all the time, he added.

Despite, Alanizs threat of legal action, the chief and mayor would still like to supply the school district with two Portage SROs at no cost to the schools, he said.

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Apparently shes not concerned with safety of the children in that district, I suggest replacing her.


I hope God forbid something happens at that school that she is the first and only target.


If this woman were to need to call the fire department to put out a fire or to check the extinguishers and fire alarms, would she call a board meeting to decide whether they would ALLOW the local fire department into the building? If she wanted to build a new wing on a building would she call a board meeting to decide whether they were going to call on their local city inspectors or try to keep them out and bring in inspectors from cities with less stringent building codes?

To me, this illogical, insane, paranoid, behavior on the part of this bureaucrat is just a way to try to control the police in their jurisdiction. The police are the EXPERTS in their area, just as the fire department and the planning and zoning inspectors are in theirs. She should recognize that she is their inferior not their boss. She works for the Township and its tax payers. They and their children and the PD do not work for her.


This is clearly a pissing contest between this idiot school board superintendent, police chief and the mayor...... so heres my solution and alternate plan, Fire the idiot and hire a person who isnt power hungry to protect those children and put Veterans who are needing jobs in the schools and task them with protecting our children in our school systems.... they are already trained and understand the situation of protecting against all enemies foreign and domestic. OR THEY COULD JUST ASK THAT PUNK DAVID HOGG what they should do....even though he is 1000s of miles away he sees it all anyway! (Not)