Police Thwart Three Potential Mass Shootings Over Two-Day Period

Holly Matkin

Tristan Scott Wix, Brandon Wagshol, and James Reardon were arrested in connection with unrelated mass shooting plots.

Police thwarted three separate mass shooting plots across the U.S. in just two days, thanks in part to tips from the public.

The three suspects were arrested on Aug. 15 and 16 by law enforcement officers in Ohio, Florida, and Connecticut, USA Today reported.

They are all white males in their twenties, and each of them sent threatening texts or posted online about carrying out mass shootings, police said.

Officers in Norwalk, Connecticut arrested 22-year-old Brandon Wagshol on Aug. 15, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Threat Operations Center received a tip that he was trying to obtain high-capacity rifle magazines from sources outside the state, the Norwalk Police Department said in a Facebook post.

Wagshol expressed his “interest in committing a mass shooting” in a Facebook post, according to investigators.

During a search of his home, officers found multiple rounds of ammunition, two firearms registered to the suspect’s father, tactical equipment, and body armor, USA Today reported.

Wagshol was arrested on four counts of illegal possession of large-capacity magazines, and is being held on $250,000 bond.

“We are thankful for our partnership with the FBI and fantastic teamwork that quickly brought this investigation from a tip to an arrest,” Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik said in the department’s post. “I applaud the excellent work of our officers and the FBI agents that assisted and remind people, if they see something, say something.”

On Aug. 16, Volusia County sheriff’s deputies arrested 25-year-old Tristan Scott Wix, after a citizen reported that Wix had sent multiple text messages discussing his plans to commit a mass shooting, USA Today reported.

"A school is a weak target,” the suspect allegedly wrote. “id be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over 3 miles away…I'd wanna break a world record for longest confirmed kill ever.”

“But a good 100 kills would be nice,” another text read. “I already have a location [laughing cry face emoji] is that bad?"

He allegedly wrote that he wanted to die and to “have fun doing it,” according to KNXV.

Investigators said that Wix admitted that he is “fascinated with mass shootings,” but that he denied owning any firearms, USA Today reported.

A .22-caliber rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition were ultimately discovered inside his apartment, Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood said on Sunday, according to KNXV.

Wix was being held without bond at the Volusia County Branch Jail on Sunday on a single count of making written threats to kill, The Washington Post reported.

Meanwhile, officers in Ohio arrested 20-year-old James Reardon on Aug. 16, after they received a call from a citizen reporting that Reardon had posted a video claiming responsibility for a shooting at a Jewish community center that hadn’t taken place yet, USA Today reported.

Reardon tagged the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown in the video, police said.

Officers executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home the same day that the video was posted, and seized semi-automatic weapons, ammunition, and anti-Sematic items.

Reardon was booked into the Mahoning County Jail on charges of aggravated menacing and telecommunications harassment, KNXV reported.

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Is anyone surprised?

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Cops kid
Cops kid

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My country that I luv is really messed up I don't know what it will take to fix it but it needs fixing asap I think letting modems hold office in America is most of the problem an that sorry A,,,, bill Clinton is the one who changed the constitution so they could hold office in America


They all need to go through serious psychological interviews.


These worms will be running free in no time ...That's a problem.


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Ill say this just like i do about urban violence.. Where are these kids fathers? The lack of positve male figures (dads) in young boys lives is the single greatest detriment to our great country.

Dads, be there for your sons.


Clown wants to do a 3 mile killing, but only has a .22 or kill a hundred people and have fun dieing? Let him watch3 stooges while they inject him


Police: “You’re welcome for keeping you all safe, communities......”

Public: “But, they have rights? Don’t they?”

Police: “Yes they do. But their rights end where your rights to LIVE begins.”

Public: *crickets......

Police: *Get back into their cars and back to work because there are more criminals out there.

Public: *crickets still..... everyone looking around at each other dumbfounded.......

Moral of the story. YOU CANT PLEASE EVERYONE.

When people like this get caught, it’s “well isn’t that your job?” But when incidents get carried out, “why didn’t the police do anything?” The police are only good to have around when it’s convenient for you, otherwise police are not needed or appreciated until something happens.

But police will always respond wether you hate them or not.


Does anyone else realize that all of these mass shooters are from the generation of “time outs” and “everyone gets a trophy”????? This is what happens when you don’t physically discipline children!!!! Children should be disciplined like dogs, punished when they do something wrong and rewarded when they do something correct. These turds have all learned that there are no consequences to anything they do. They just have to sit in “time out” for an hour.


Too much is made concerning race. Evil exists. Period.

But this smacks of building a rep in the media.

"""he was trying to obtain high-capacity rifle magazines from sources outside the state, the Norwalk Police Department said in a Facebook post.""

Not to mention the thousands of others that do the same thing in person.

"wo sources from within the State Police, who spoke to AmmoLand on condition of anonymity, told AmmoLand News that they both do not know of any magazines turned over to their agency and doubted that any were turned in. They also stated that the State Police also engaged the AG’s office for guidance on how to respond to inquiries such as ours. They were unaware if the Attorney General has returned to their request for guidance. All the local police departments that AmmoLand contacted stated that they have not had any magazines turned into them."

I guess the FBI and local agencies will have to brand them all as plotting a mass shooting.

I had to laugh when they printed he was in possession of a set of Picatinny rail mounted sights...OH MY GOD !!!!! What ever happened to the thorny of ability or intent?

Next they should get on those killer cars. These cars are most frequently involved in fatal crashes. Incidents that killed significantly more than a rifle.

Better get on that …

Clearly, Ford is used to winning . . . only this time it isn’t a good accomplishment. Ford was the auto brand that got in the most fatal car accidents on American roads with a distressing total of 7,377 in 2017.

Fatal Crashes in the U.S. Toyota .. .4,260 Chevrolet..... 7,126

Rifles???? 383. All styles of rifles.


With all do respect in Tristan Scott's case is now worse than what 15 year old Beto O'Rourke stated. The FBI has no choice but to also arrest O'Rourke for his written verbal premeditation. O'Rourke is a threat to society until he is removed from society.

A 15-year-old Beto O’Rourke once wrote a "murder fantasy" short story about running over two children with a car, according to a new report that also revealed the now-presidential candidate was a member of a famous hacking group.

The details were uncovered in a Reuters report on the “Cult of the Dead Cow,” a famous group of hackers credited with inventing the term “hacktivism.” Reuters revealed that O'Rourke, who joined the Democratic presidential primary race on Thursday, was a member, while reporting, "there is no indication that O’Rourke ever engaged in the edgiest sorts of hacking activity, such as breaking into computers."

But the report also revealed that teenage Beto, in connection with the group, wrote stories under the name “Psychedelic Warlord” -- writings that remain online.

One piece in particular detailed the narrator's murder spree, as part of his goal seeking "the termination of everything that was free and loving." The piece described the first kill as the murder of two children crossing the street.


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