Police Recruit Fired Over Accusations Of Racist, Homophobic Social Media Posts

A Kentucky police recruit was in his fourth week at the academy when he was fired over his social media posts.

Shively, KY – A Shively Police Department recruit accused of making racist and homophobic posts on social media between 2015 and 2017 has been fired, the department announced.

Police Recruit Trent McDuffie was hired by the Shively Police Department in mid-July, and was in his fourth week at the police academy when agency officials became aware of his social media posts, WDRB reported.

"The Shively Police Department does not condone, nor will we tolerate, any actions on the part of our members that is insensitive or intolerant of any person's beliefs, color, sexual orientation, political opinion or otherwise," Lieutenant Colonel Josh Myers said during a press conference on Wednesday. "All people have the right to be treated equally."

McDuffie was brought back to the department from the academy on Wednesday, where he was interviewed about the content of his posts.

One retweet showed an image of protesters holding a banner that read, “America was never great,” followed by second meme that read, “So America had never been great…please tell me again why you were running across the border with all your belongings in a paper bag.”

Another retweet from June of 2016 said, “Notice: My home is politically incorrect. We say [expletive] Obama, Merry Christmas, God bless the USA, we salute our flag, we support our troops. If this offends you, please leave. In God we trust.”

In a July, 2017 post, McDuffie retweeted a side-by-side image that showed soldiers raising the American flag at Iwo Jima next to a picture of four men in similar pose raising a rainbow flag. “The LGBT community has NO RIGHT to even compare their ‘struggles’ to that of our soldiers who risk their LIFE to fight for our country,” the image read.

“I [expletive] hate all of you [expletive]” McDuffie tweeted below the image.

In 2016, he retweeted a meme of a soldier that read, “I am the…beer drinking, meat eating, gun owning, terrorist hating, liberal destroying, flag flying, America loving, commie killing [expletive] Obama warned you about!”

“Amen,” McDuffie tweeted in agreement.

Another retweet showed a picture of a Coca-Cola bottle that read, “Share a Coke with Obama,” below the words, “Nah he’ll make me give a sip to everyone in the room who didn’t pay for it.”

McDuffie admitted to having made the posts, was “very remorseful,” and called them a “mistake,” Lt. Col Myers said during the press conference.

“[He] was very open, honest, and forthright,” he added. “These posts occurred prior to him being employed here, but persons who make that type of post aren’t somebody that we want employed here.”

The posts violated the department’s social media policy, WDRB reported.

“As of right now, Mr. McDuffie’s employment with the Shively police department has been terminated,” Lt. Col. Myers confirmed, adding that the department believed the retweets were “insensitive” and “wrong.”

Although a background check was conducted prior to McDuffie being hired, Lt. Col. Myers said the investigator was not aware that the recruit had a Twitter account, the Courier Journal reported.

"We are going to go back to those background investigators and make sure they're taking a very good, thorough look at all social media," he said.

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People with jobs just need to stay off social media. Right or wrong it gets them in more hot water especially over things that aren't that big a deal.


They aren't racist or homophobic people ar just little bitches.


As Judge Judy might say to those renting substandard apts...leave! If you really don't like America, thought it was and is NOT Great...LEAVE! True Americans really do not need to have you in OUR country!

Racists are EVERYWHERE..in all races, in every American culture theatre, in every walk of life....that is the freedom we have to say what we feel...BUT if your racism might cause others to be slighted BECAUSE of your beliefs, well, maybe that is not the position you should be in.


Sorry guys, but this boy has NO place in law enforcement. I saw two of his.posts unedited. One was supporting a KKK rally. The other was him tweeting that he "Hates all f@#*ing fa@@ots." Any defense attorney would have a field day with those posts in court. He cannot say that he "hates" particular people and then be expected to impartially serve those people. Shively has a gay officer. Would he have backed that officer if required?


Now, his posts were insensitive, but I don't know if they were explicitly racist. They were certainly disgusting and insensitive and blatantly abhorrent, but racist, no, unless the expletives were the "N" word. I think that he should have received an reprimand and some "sensitivity training" and a warning to stay off social media, but firing him was a bit too far.