Police Headed Off 'Bloodbath Beyond Imagination,' Took Out Active Shooter

Sandy Malone

The gunman who opened fire in Cincinnati on Thursday could have killed many more people if he hadn't been been stopped.

Cincinnati, OH Authorities have announced that police stopped an active shooter on Thursday when they engaged him in a gunfight.

They added that man who opened fire in the lobby of the Fifth Third Center in downtown Cincinnatis Fountain Square on Thursday had a checkered past that pointed to mental health problems.

Omar Perez, 29, fatally shot three people and wounded two more shortly after 9 a.m. on Sept. 6, before he was killed during a brief gun battle with police officers, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Witnesses said Perez was wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase when his rampage began.

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said the gunman used a 9mm handgun and was carrying hundreds of additional rounds of ammunition.

"This could have been a bloodbath beyond imagination," Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said at a press briefing on Thursday afternoon.

Chief Isaac said Perez entered the building in the center of downtown through the loading dock and began shooting right away, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

"He proceeded to the lobby, where several of our officers engaged him," the chief said. "There were gunshots exchanged."

"It's a very horrific situation, he said.

Chief Isaac said all of the shooting took place in the lobby of the building which is home to Fifth Third Bank's corporate headquarters.

He said the shooter acted alone and investigators did not believe he had any connection to the bank or any of the other businesses located in the prominent building, FOX News reported.

Police responded immediately, and officers fired some of their first shots through the glass windows in order to get to the gunman, the chief told reporters at a briefing on Thursday.

"It could have been a lot worse. People in this town should just thank a cop when they see them, because what they did today was just unbelievable," Deters said.

Three or four officers fired at Perez. No police were injured. Perez was fatally shot during the gun battle, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Chief Isaac said that Perez was acting alone when he murdered 64-year-old Richard Newcomer, 25-year-old Pruthvi Raj Kandepi, and 48-year-old Luis Felipe Calderón, ABC News reported.

Police have said they believe the handgun Perez used for his rampage was legally purchased, FOX News reported.

A SWAT team searched Perezs home in North Bend on Thursday afternoon but said they found nothing of interest to the investigation.

But Perezs police record and history of filing lawsuits against MSNBC tell a story of a man who may have suffered from mental illness.

FOX News reported that Perez had an extensive criminal history in southeast Florida with charges ranging from marijuana possession to traffic violations.

He was arrested and charged with trespassing in 2014 after he was fired from his job at a water sports company and refused to leave the premises.

The police report said that when officers responded to the business, they found Perez in front, stretched out on the ground smoking a cigar, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. He began crying when police arrived.

"The suspect appeared to be upset and disoriented. When I would ask the suspect questions but he would respond with strange answers, the police report said, according to Cincinnati Enquirer. The suspect mumbled something about the war and the economy, but for the most part talked about that he was upset that he was terminated.

This year, Perez filed two separate lawsuits claiming MSNBC was spying on him, FOX News reported.

In January, he sued NBC Universal and TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation for $5.1 million in damages for emotional distress and character assassination, WCPO reported.

Perez claimed his cell phone and computer had been hacked and that "in a matter of four weeks (in spring 2017), MSNBC' created a character, grandeur a persona, unmasked and assassinated the character through its slanderous commentaries, FOX News reported.

When the suit was dismissed in June, Perez filed against the companies again.

He claimed that while he was watching MSNBC, they began broadcasting information about him and were trying track him down, according to WCPO.

In his lawsuit, Perez said that TD Ameritrade was working with MSNBC to tap into his phone and other electronic devices.

No motive is yet known for the shootings at the Fifth Third building, but authorities were continuing to investigate.

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Before this story is done, the suspects family will file a lawsuit against the police for excessive force. They will claim that after the first shot the police should have stopped and waited to see if he was still a threat. Then the Hispanic community will organize protests with pictures of Perez when he graduated high school. There will be claims he was preparing to enter law school when the police cut him down needlessly. Then Colin Kaepernick will show up at his funeral wearing his best pair of Nike shoes and an afro that is 4 times the size of his head.


Yea! But lets make tougher gun laws to make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase one. But don't you dare investigate a persons mental history before giving him a permit.


Again, Mental Health issues. When is this going to be addressed as one of the most prevalent disease processes facing America? I say this because the patient is not the only victim of the disease. The public at large is at risk from mentally ill people who grab a weapon, be it a gun, a knife, a vehicle, a bomb or anything that their deranged minds deem necessary to implement their twisted plots. America needs to stop their rants on gun control and start calling their elected officials to petition Washington to find more money to promote Mental Health programs including recognition by teachers, employers, and the public in general. Treatment programs and reporting programs so that this doesn't happen again need to be implemented.


The reason a certain demographic will never fully buy into mental health causing violence is because as soon as they put that narrative out there, they will have to reconcile violence in urban areas as also being conn3cted with mental illness.

It's no surprise that impoverished communities, no matter the color, tend to have higher mental illness and violence rates.


@Hi_estmasterchef, listening to you talk about mental health is like listening to Kaepernick talk about civil rights while wearing a shirt supporting Fidel Castro


Obviously any person with a mental illness should not be allowed to purchase firearms of any kind🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Hey @BurgersAnyDaywhilesuckingonHighestLoserDenominator&Marxist I wonder if an assault weapons ban would have prevented this tragedy? Those savages keep on keepin on. Yea I just tagged all of you as one in the same fuck boy since you all identify as gay socialists anti cop anti white anti Christian anti conservative anti common sense.


@Necroignisamoron So, be real with me here. Is 'Necroign' an ex-boyfriend of yours? I mean you've dedicated your screen name to him, and you're starting to get pretty obsessive about me.

Am i to expect a hi_estcomndenomnisamoron tag from you sometime soon?