Police Chief Resigns After Allegedly Beating Man Who Tried To Drown Baby Girl

Former Greenwood Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson is accused of beating a suspect who had just tried to drown his own baby.

Greenwood, MO – The police chief of Greenwood resigned on May 29 amidst accusations he had brutally beaten a man who had just tried to drown his own baby girl.

The incident occurred on Dec. 29, 2018 after 29-year-old Jonathon Stephen Zicarelli showed up at the Greenwood Police Department and made a confession.

He told officers that he had tried to drown his six-month-old daughter in an icy retention pond, the Kansas City Star reported.

Greenwood Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson and another officer raced to the pond the man had indicated and found the baby girl floating face up, unconscious.

They pulled her from the water, undressed her, and wrapped her up in the police chief’s shirt to warm her, the Kansas City Star reported.

Then they took lifesaving measures as they waited for medics to arrive.

The baby was transported to the hospital and treated for severe hypothermia, among other injuries, the Kansas City Star reported.

It was estimated that the baby had been in the water for about 10 minutes and her survival has been called a miracle.

Afterwards, the chief went back to the police station and placed the baby’s father under arrest, the Kansas City Star reported.

Zicarelli’s attorney has alleged that Chief Hallgrimson used excessive force when he was arresting her client.

Susan Dill told the Kansas City Star that there is bodycam from another officer that showed the police chief grabbed Zicarelli by the throat, threw him to the floor, and punched him in the face.

Dill said that Chief Hallgrimson sat on Zicarelli’s chest and told the father “You deserve to die” as he beat him.

She said the police chief had to be pulled off Zicarelli to end the assault.

Dill said her client had suffered injuries to his face and jaw, the Kansas City Star reported.

The bodycam video has not been released to the public and the attorney’s account of the incident has not been confirmed, the Kansas City Star reported.

Dill said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had visited her client in his jail cell to explore a possible criminal civil rights violation.

Chief Hallgrimson has been on administrative leave since the incident, but he has not been charged in connection with the incident thus far, the Kansas City Star reported.

Zicarelli has pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic assault and abuse or neglect of a child and is scheduled for trial in December.

Court documents showed that he told police that he had planned to kill his six-month-old daughter for more than 24 hours after he had “bad thoughts,” the Kansas City Star reported.

Zicarelli told officers that he was stressed out by the holidays and trying to support his family, and that he was trying to make things easier for his wife by killing their baby.

Dill has said that her client was suffering from mental health problems when he tried to drown his daughter, the Kansas City Star reported.

The city of Greenwood released a statement online that said the suburb of about 5,000 people’s police department, located 20 miles southeast of Kansas City, would continue under the leadership of Acting Police Chief Lamont Tatum.

The statement wished former Chief Hallgrimson well and said an application process for his replacement would begin soon.

Hallgrimson’s severance agreement with the city showed that he would be receiving a check for $6,500 from Greenwood, the Kansas City Star reported.

Residents of Greenwood were dismayed by the turn of events and have put on a very public show of support for their former police chief with yard signs and banners.



There is also a GoFundMe account set up to help with his legal fees.

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Volusiagirl 1
Volusiagirl 1

What a damn shame.... he only did what 100% of everyone else would have done.

Mig Alley
Mig Alley

What Zicarelli needs is an excessive ass whipping. He is the lowest of the low, bar none. Put his worthless ass in that pond next winter. What is wrong with these people? 😠


Chief definetly has PTSD!!!, you can only see this kind of stuff for so long until you snap and react!! Ive wanted to beat a many child abuser, only thing to have kept me from doing just that is by the grace of God my real brain kicks in and stops me...So Chief did what so many want to do but Im suspecting Chiefs PTSD is that much more than the rest of ours!!


I think the chief deserves a raise! I know according to the law the chief stepped out of boundaries "a little". But as a human being, he was way too easy on him. Most people with a gun would have shot him and been done with it. I'm sure anyone that picked that baby up our of the water would have to be held back from hurting that man....well, at least any decent human being.


The "man", "monster", came on of his own, confessed to his crime, even telling them where he'd left the baby! It was confirmed! The baby, Praise be to God, was able to be saved. Finding a child like that would trigger ANY normal human being! You would have to be heartless for it not to! I think the Chief used GREAT restraint when arresting this guy who had just thought he had killed his own little, defenseless baby! He didn't hurt him like he deserved to be hurt! The "laws" in this country are totally backwards, in that they are more on the side of the criminals! Imo, if anyone confesses to a crime, there should be no "not guilty" plea! That makes NO SENSE! And, using an insanity defense should be done away with completely! They either did it or they didn't...PERIOD! If they confess, in front of two or three witnesses, and it is found the way they confessed, as in this case, case closed! Take them in front of a "Judge Roy Bean" and String them up! So, I salute this Chief! You are a human with a heart and you controlled yourself nicely!