Police Capture Suspected Gun Thief Who Left Mass Shooting Manifesto

Dustin Hamilton allegedly stole guns and left a 20-page manifesto about killing police and citizens.

San Francisco, CA – A homeless man who stole guns from his parents and left a 20-page manifesto saying he hates the San Francisco police and was going to kill them, was captured on Friday.

Dustin Hamilton, 44, was apprehended by the San Francisco Police Department after a tip from a community member, KGO-TV reported.

Police recovered the two stolen guns from him.

Police said that Hamilton broke into his parents’ San Jose house on April 4 while they were away and stole their firearms.

He also left his 20-page manifesto where he threatened to kill police and members of the public in San Francisco, KGO reported.

The San Jose Police Department immediately notified the San Francisco Police Department of the threats.

KGO reported that Hamilton wrote that he was going to come to 501 Delancey Street and kill as many people as he could. That’s the address of an apartment complex.

Sources told KGO that Hamilton has been homeless for about 10 years despite offers for help from friends and family.

Hamilton had two warrants in San Francisco for assault and vandalism, according to KGO.

After burglarizing his parents’ house, additional warrants were issued for burglary, criminal threats, and felon in possession of a firearm.

KTVU-TV interviewed Thomas Smith, who said he's known the family for decades. Smith described Hamilton as a “great kid who's had problems despite his parents' numerous attempts to help,” according to KTVU.

"They said he had a spot under an overpass in San Francisco. There was a community there. They went up to see him and talk him home. He didn't want to come home," said Smith, according to KTVU. "If they do locate him maybe he'll get the help that he needs. It's devastating really."

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Glad he’s been captured, but this is California. He will be back on the streets soon and there will be little or no consequences, especially in San Francisco.


Even then there isn't a good chance he will ever see help or the inside of a prison cell..he already had warrants out and he was walking around..and with the liberal courts in California that are definitely anti cop on everything..justice doesn't much exist in California. Obeying and enforcing laws through politicians or courts in California does not exist. That state is turning into a breeding ground for illegals and criminals..